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1st Time Buyers – We live in the Countryside

Posted on May 2, 2017 by Henry

1st time buyers take heed – we live in the countryside and we love it… Beautiful sunny days at the moment, spring is in the air and we’re posting this post late because we’ve just had the bank holiday weekend, life is good at the moment.

So how can we help – we are but a meagre storage company with a warehouse full of storage units, just waiting for you 1st time buyers to move out of London and set up home here in Mere, Gillingham, Shaftesbury or Frome, we don’t really mind, the country side is rolling, everyone is a little bit odd, but very friendly down in the Pub, the local postie knows us all by sight and we’re always happy to meet new people.

We’ve got George – that’s how we can help you… he’s in his early twenties, so he tells us, strong as an ox and friendly as can be, he’ll whizz up to London for almost any excuse and he’d be delighted to handle your House move, packing furniture and personal possessions carefully and without damage, bring it all down here and help you put it all into your home.  We’re not Pickfords I will grant that, but then nor are our prices and there is no harm in a quote to see how we stack up to the big boys.

1st Time Buyers Advice and Top Tips from inStoreOnce you’ve made it to the countryside – it won’t end there, if you have too much furniture we can store it for you.  I know the likes of Big Yellow in London have lots of self storage units, but we’re £10 per week per container and while it’s not 100% self storage we are always here to help you access your possessions with a friendly wave and relaxed approach.

Don’t worry we are secure, connected to the local Police and Fire Stations, with 24/7 cctv (it gets everywhere), but again it’s worth a quote just to see how we stack up to the bigger boys, also we’re local, if you are buying your 1st house in the Shaftesbury, Gillingham and Frowm triangle we could be more central.  We have clients from as far afield as Bath, Bristol and Taunton, nut really we like to focus on the best possible service locally.

So – we’re like self storage units – but we’re not – we’re more than that.  We’re not a barn in a field – we have a huge warehouse, as it was an old chimney factory, we’re open weekends and can arrange someone to be available any time you like.  We also collect and deliver.

For 1st time buyers we’re an ideal choice, local, friendly, economic and ready to hear from you.