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About Us

inStore is part of the Master Removers Group, a group of removals and storage companies devoted to excellence. Because the companies in the Master Removers Group is in large part owned by the people who work within the group, they have a keen understanding of what makes a business thrive; in short, the quality of its customer service. All the Master Removers Group businesses prioritise customer satisfaction, setting out to meet customer expectations but, more often than not, actually surpassing them. 400 people are employed within the group, which enjoys a strong and healthy financial state. We have depots nationwide, which means that costs can be kept down when moving people out of their immediate area. In some cases, travelling/overnight costs can be avoided altogether or, at the very least, considerably reduced. The group is able to invest in the newest vehicles, not only improving its dependability but also meeting (or even improving on) its environmental goals and targets. With over 100 commercial vehicles of every shape and size at hand, all our customers’ needs can be met. We have 12 storage warehouses throughout the country, providing our customers with convenient, good-value, flexible storage solutions.