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How to Declutter Your Business: What to Store and What to Throw Away

Posted on January 29, 2018 by Henry

The coming of spring is the perfect time to give your business a bit of a spring clean and declutter. It is always amazing how much paraphernalia accumulates overt the year and it is definitely worth taking a small amount of time at the end of each day to get your decluttering done and dusted.

Start with your office space

This more manageable task will help to get you in the right frame of mind to tackle the more important jobs. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely redecorate your office but perhaps make sure that any old equipment is recycled and that your desk is tidy and all of your files are in order. Encourage others to do so and make sure you take the time to properly review the way that your works pace is arranged – it makes a lot more difference than you think.

Buy new supplies

Once you have sorted through office clutter, now is the time to think about new office supplies which will help you keep your work space clear throughout the year. For example, colour coded files and labels to help you arrange and order them.

Is your software up to date?

This is another important part of decluttering your business. Up to date systems improve efficiency in a business. More modern Customer Relationship Management Software will enable you to keep better tabs on sales, manage customer information and retain your client base.

Look over your inventory

Unnecessary waste is regularly caused by businesses overstocking. Make sure you take the time to look over your wareshouse and speak to staff members. You want to be efficient in your storage of stock and insure that you are not constantly paying for the storage of unsold stock. Old and damaged stock should also be another concern.

Glastonbury Storage with inStore

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Henry

Well, we did it again, another year another brilliant festival, our Glastonbury storage clients were, we hope, over the moon or should I say high as a kite with our services this year.

But, I’m jumping ahead of myself, we’re storage specialists with an in-depth knowledge of possessions and how people interact with their possessions, their cares, likes and dislikes.  But Glastonbury is something different and we are very well-positioned to help all sorts of businesses and people with their storage needs over the Glastonbury Festival.

And, before you start to think we’re some sort of cloakroom service for coats and peoples bags and what not.  That’s not us either.  We much further in the background than that, and that’s something we really rather like.  We’re facilitators with a facility.

What we offer is storage for the 360 days that the Festival is not on.  All the time that Glastonbury Festival is just a lovely green field, that is when we’re active.  We are on-call 24/7 all year-round, but if you are a band, a marquee company or a Pop-Up Hotel or caterer and you have any special kit for Glasto and perhaps a few other festivals then we’re the people you should be in touch with.

Our service is complimentary, we can pick up or delivery, we can arrange for your kit to be in the right place at the right time, if you need it a few weeks in advance we can have it there.  But not only that we can provide a venue for you to clean the kit, scrub everything down, dry it out, mend, repair or take delivery of new or replacement kit.  We’re partners to anyone wanting to store their possessions ready for Glastonbury.

To be honest, it gets hectic, it one of the busiest times of year for us, phone calls, organising, making sure we have the right vans in the right place is logistical, but that’s what makes our Glastonbury storage so much fun for us.  It is a challenge, we turn up the volume and enjoy it all.  Plus we get to see the behind the scenes at the venue.

If you need storage personal or business – try us, get a quote or give us a call.

Data Storage – IT, Computers and The Modern Age

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Henry

Yes we live in the country and yes Internet Access has been an issue in the countryside – but it is much improved today.  What I want to look at now is IT Storage and Data Storage for businesses and why you might need it – or not as the case may be.

Regulation – is the main word that sums it all up.  In the good ol’ days you used to have to store every Invoice, every expense and every piece of information for your business for years, in fact most companies just stored everything for ever.  But the world has moved on and with the Internet things are changing.

Today we have the so-called ‘Cloud’ – the concept is fabulous, you save an email on your PC and it’s automatically up their in the sky waiting until someone needs it it again.  Same for Invoicing, suppliers, addresses, we’re all connected on our phones, at home and much begrudgingly to me wife when we’re on holiday as well.  In fact I can even write these articles and the data is saves for posterity forever.

However – all too often we hear of people with broken computers, they can’t find their document, or something didn’t save somewhere it should have and this leads to a huge regulatory problem, not only are you probably not saving your documents properly, but you’re opening yourself up to serious problems should the VAT man ever come and check up on you.

There is also something called a Disaster Recovery Plan – that every business should have so that if there is a true disaster such as a fire or other emergency you could be covered and up and running within a minimal amount of time.

In steps – inStore Storage Solutions – as part of the Disaster Recovery Plan you would allow or delivery to inStore a regular back up of all data and document storage that is important to your business.  Our data storage experts would be the 3rd party outside off-premise storage facilitators for your company needs.

We have the hardware and computers for this operation and we also allow you to put in your own hardware as required into our storage facility, where-upon we can take responsibility for the storage of your data as needed.  Should you ever need to use it – it could be made available to you 24/7 around the clock.

We do live in the country, but with super fast broadband available here there is no reason why our location should ever matter to a large business organisation needing a place for data Storage.

DIY Storage – Pros and Cons

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Henry

My guess is that this applies as much to Business Storage as it does to Personal or Domestic Storage.  It’s all about Space at the end of the day, but hey – I think the Pros and Cons of DIY Storage are worth looking at – so without further ado:

DIY Storage Pros

  • Flexible – your belongings are always there when you need them.  There is just no quibbling with the situation.
  • Location – your belongings are probably on your doorstep – which is lovely.
  • Empty Barns – if you are lucky enough to have space and are not using it for anything else.
  • Costs – although the costs look obvious that may bit always be the case – but it is definitely worth working out.
  • Small Items – obviously easier to store locally in an attic or garage.

DIY Storage Cons

  • Space – you lose it and for offices in particular this can be expensive – the loss of valuable office space means rental costs can be higher than if you were to employ off-site storage units.
  • Labour – if you are self storing – then you’re doing all the work.  If belongings are heavy you need to either enlist friends or find some way to get around the problem.
  • Security – the truth is you’re unlikely without great expense to be able to provide the level of security you might want.  I say this all with a pinch of salt as it all depends on what you are storing, which for the purposes of this article is a big unknown to us.
  • Damp and Condensation – I cannot tell you the times I have visited peoples garages or out-buildings to rescue belongings from the elements, be it moths or mildew when you’re storing personal belongings and the time comes to bring everything out the cleaning and throwing away is excruciating.
  • Special Items – cars, planes, antiques all things that need Specialist Storage, if something is very valuable it is probably worth the cost of proper storage.

The purpose of this small note on the Pros and cons of DIY storage is not really to persuade one way or the other – but more to open the discussion on what is available out there.  How much access do you need? What sort of budget is available? Do you have the space for DIY storage?

Do please let us know if you have any comments of your own on this.

Office Move – Make it profitable

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Henry

Thinking of an Office move – These are certainly uncertain times for all of us in the UK, pro-Brexit, pro-Europe – we aren’t fussy or going to mind, a general election has been called to make matters more fun, what are we talking about here.  Business in the country-side.  Even in our local town of Mere, The Hill Brush Factory, a stalwart of the last 70 years has moved to completely new Warehousing and Offices within the same town.  Should you be thinking of an office move as well?

Here’s the rub – from our point of view of course – Space equals money… offices in Gillingham, Frome or Warminster re priced up at a fixed square foot rate, so too are business rates and probably a few other aspects.  Office Space has never been at more of premium than now.  The mission then must be to use it wisely.  Why are you thinking to move office? expansion, consolidation, even the act of moving office is an investment right now.  And how can we be sure it will be in the interests of your business.

Well worry not – we’re not going to past judgement on any motivation you might have for your office move, but what we would say is use you space for your staff. and then use us for Storage.  Old accounts, paperwork, regulation stuff that you simply don’t need any more.  We are here to help.

Our business service makes economic sense, you use us at £10 per container per week and the space we can save you will mean another employee, or a room less in Business Rates, either way it’s more productivity or huge savings.

Our service means that you can be flexible, let us know when you’re coming to collect something or have it posted, delivered or collected we don’t mind… notify us or just send an email informing us of your needs, we’re happy to respond and fulfil your needs.  Everything is protected 27/7, under lock and key and we’re connected to the local police station.

Most Offices have a box room these days – a place to easily store stuff… but it is both expensive and unnecessary with inStore – your local and flexible storage units.  If you’re planning an office move – please feel free to give us a call and make it profitable.

Our Storage Services at inStore

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Henry

We delighted to announce our storage services at inStore, the depth of our coverage is second to none and the breadth of our offering we hope is both wide ranging and beyond expectation.

inStore Storage Units and Services

Personal Storage

With the inStore Personal Storage services you can either use our meet and greet option and deliver your belongings to one of our easily accessible storage depots, or with our own fleet of vehicles and experienced team, we will prepare and move your items for you.

Specialist Storage

We understands the packing and stowing process required for the items that don’t fit neatly into cardboard. Each and every one of these demands specialist treatment. Every piece is carefully packed for safe keeping over the duration of its stay.

We apply our expertise to manage each task appropriately: from the valuable antique clock to the hefty grand piano, our specialist storage services mean we can store almost anything, even a plane.

Long experience working with auctioneers, antique dealers and valuers ensures that inStore provides the safe environment and careful preservation of specialist and valuable items.

Once in store nothing is disturbed prior to collection.


Our removal storage services are tailored around your needs: from the full professional wrap and pack, to supplying you with all the materials needed to do it yourself. We will arrange competitive insurance cover and professional inventories.

We are happy to discuss your needs over the phone and to arrange a site assessment if helpful.

Industrial Storage

inStore offers local storage services for businesses throughout Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset & Devon giving the opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

At a fraction of the cost, you can free up expensive operational space from all the stuff and bulk not needed for every-day core operational use. We do all the travelling, storing, maintenance and organisation to deliver instant retrieval right to your door for when you do need it  – and in the right condition.

Business Storage

We provides all manner of business storage services. From legal business requirements to hard copy business storage, office paperwork, and all other business documentation.

Services available include : project assessment, collection and delivery services. inStore is also able to provide document digitization services, with a dedicated maintenance and retrieval plan to suit your needs.


inStore relocation storage services are is designed to look after the logistical aspects of making sure all your belongings arrive in perfect condition at your new location.

We will assess and help with the planning, on paper and on site; and pack up a London home or a country house in such a way that everything is where you want it; storing everything where and how needed, so it is available safely on demand on return to the UK.

Get a Quote today

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Your Local Business Storage Gillingham

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Henry

Business Storage Gillingham

inStore is your local business storage close to Gillingham, our closest town with a train to our inStore warehouses. Why go any distance with your important business documentation? If you have found yourself at that  ‘end-of-year time’ then now is the perfect moment to consider what to do for your business storage needs, whether you just a wanting to clear office space or you’re a business wanting to store your annual paperwork, legal documents or business critical information. We can help.

Business Storage Units available in Gillingham from inStore

Here at inStore we believe keeping your most beloved things safe is important, whether its family heirlooms, skiing gear, paintings or even an aeroplane (As in photo. We are here to help you clear your lofts, rooms, garage, office but most importantly your mind.

Safe with Us

inStore depots are safe, dry and secure, watched over by CCTV. Your storage is under lock and key, with alarms linked 24/7 straight to the Police.


We are entirely flexible to you : we provide a full pick up and drop off service when and whenever is the best time for you, our professional staff are at hand to move your business documents safely when and where you need them. We quote by the container, so we are endlessly flexible about Quantity as well as Quality. And we will accept your booking on the basis of estimates, regardless of what actually arrives, we always manage to take care of it.

What We Do

We advise and assist, pack and wrap, fetch and carry, stow and store, sift and seek, document and deliver.

Our aim is to ensure you have a stress-free storage experience, and peace of mind with your important business needs. With a modicum of notice, you also have access to your items a full 7 days a week. Whenever you need, we will be here to let you into our storage facility giving full access to your business storage.

Competitive Pricing

inStore is the one-stop answer to your requirements.  Your Quotation is five simple questions away.

Get an inStore quote today

Contact us today regarding any esquires – and please feel free to call our day-time number. We are always available to help.

01747 228070

Storage for Business

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Henry

Storage for business is a big part of our warehouse, with a lot of companies storing their items with us all year around. We provide all manner of different business requirements at our warehouses, whether its something completely different. We are here to help.

What we do

inStore will attend your offices, either during the week or even over the weekend whichever suits : We will pack up everything down to the last drawing pin, hefting and carrying as part of a methodical, managed operation; deposit it in consignments into storage and/or its correct destination exactly as designated ; and provide you with a detailed Inventory Report for your retention.

You, the Client, can have any level of input you wish for: from micro-management to leaving the entire exercise to us to fulfil precisely to programme.

People we work with

storage for business
Pop Up Hotel

Small businesses like Pop up Hotel for festivals and events which need to store their tents and teepee equipment for set-up. This client runs everything from private events and parties to fully blown festivals, creating a ‘glamping’ experience like no other. Pop up also takes an office in the our building where we co-manage their logistical operations.

storage for business
Pink House Mustique

Pink House Mustique is another. A high-end clothing company that we accept deliveries of that come in from the US to be sorted and packed awaiting fulfilment or further shipping. Pink House Mustique has been working with us to create a strong trust across product creation to the detailed satisfaction of the customer when it arrives on their door step, we are a central part of their operation.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in getting in contact with us regarding a Quote. Or even just to have a chat about what we do. Please do – email us or give us a ring anytime:- you can find our day time number on the Contact Page. We will be pleased to discuss any project, no matter how embryonic or complex.

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