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Our Storage Services at inStore

Posted on October 12, 2021 by Henry

At Instore Storage, we like to provide our customers and followers with real-world examples of how storage applies to various situations. That’s because we want to be informative and give some context about how it benefits people. Online blogs are sometimes slightly vague and miss the most important aspect of highlighting how to apply storage.

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Specialist Storage for Sports Kit

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Henry
extreme sports storage solutions
Extreme Sports Storage Solutions

For thousands of people in Dorset every week, sport is a massively important part of their lives, not just a hobby. It’s an excellent way to exercise and socialise with people for team games or as part of a community. Even for solo sports, you get the chance to chat with peers in between sessions and the organisers.  We’re hopefully heading towards fewer restrictions, making it easier to take part and have spectators.

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Best Practices For Wine Storage

Posted on October 8, 2017 by Henry

When you love wine than you are entering a whole world of wine knowledge and opinions. What makes a good wine, what you should eat with what wine, how to savour the taste, how to look after your wine, what etc. it’s all about the most enjoyable experience. The Wine Cellar is a famous place, an underground cave of liquid delights, where the seeker chooses just the right bottle for the moment. But why is wine stored in a cellar anyway? The concept that wine gets better with age is not strictly true, Most wines are intended to be consumed as they are bottled. The following varieties are known to mature/improve with age:

Nebbiolo – Cabernet Sauvignon – Syrah – Grenache – Sangiovese – Pinot Noir – Riesling – Chenin Blanc – Marsanne and Chardonnay.

Generally speaking the more expensive the wine the more likely it will hold and improve it’s quality over time. When storing wine you need to consider the following to keep it’s integrity:


Artificial or natural light through the bottle can alter the chemical composition and therefore the taste


The more you slosh a bottle about the more it can deteriorate the cork, as well as making unessary bubbles. Once that happens oxygen can get in and that the biggest killer of wine.

Humidity & Temperature

Wine should be stored at an even temperature of about 13C or 55F. Wine stored in fluctuating temperatures can have negative effect over time.

Why Store Wine?

People want to keep wine for special occasions. They may be given a nice bottle as a present and keep it back for a celebration, or they buy an expensive wine to commemorate a date. Then store it and bring it out at the poignant moment. Imagine gifting your child with their first bottle of wine at 18 (maybe before) that was purchased at their birth.


So if you really appreciate wine and don’t have perfect place to store it then we can hold that for you. All our facilities are temperature controlled, dry, away from light and stable. Your investment in the future will be kept safe waiting for that special moment. Give us a call on 01963 616161 or just get a quote


North Dorset – What we have to offer – inStore

Posted on March 28, 2017 by Henry

inStore’s North Dorset storage

If you’re looking for storage in North Dorset then we are here to help. Located right on the border of Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset borders. We also have another storage warehouse in Yeovil a 45min drive down the A-303.

Hovis Advert - Gold Hill in Shaftesbury - inStore Storage Units
Hovis advert – Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

North Dorset is famed for its amazing views at Shaftesbury’s Gold Hill, Hovis famously using it for there 1973 advert of a young boy riding up the hill with his Hovis bread.

The beautiful Stour Head estate gardens is another amazing place located near our warehouse in Mere, a min drive from us is an amazing garden designed and built by Henry Hoare back in the 17th century. Man made by importing lots of seeds from around the world to create an array of different plants and trees.

Also with other amazing sites to see here in North Dorset the county side is beautiful pretty much where ever you are. We love our county and I hope you do to. Here is some information of what we do and how we can help you as a local business.

Who We Are

At inStore you will find an experienced Team able to tackle any storage or removal challenge you throw at us. Our tight-knit Team will form a personal relationship dedicated to looking after you and your possessions.

What We Do

inStore will advise and assist, pack and wrap, fetch and carry, stow and store, sift and seek, document and deliver.

Your possessions are safe with us.

Safe With Us

inStore depots are safe, dry and secure, watched over by CCTV. Your storage is under lock and key, with alarms linked 24/7 straight to the Police.

Advice Service

Advice and help is freely available online, by email, or at the end of a telephone. Call us : we will be pleased to help.

Competitive Pricing

inStore is the one-stop answer to your requirements. Click here for your instant Quote. Your Quotation is five simple questions away.

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Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Henry

Skiing Gear and Ski Storage

The half term clear out has been and gone, If you flew out to the slopes skiing last half term and dragged out your ski’s from the loft. I feel your pain… While the skiing is cracking fun the loft where your ski’s have hidden is not.

We all know the pain when we get the step-ladder out and the daunting prospect of trying to find your skiing gear that always seems to be hiding behind everything you don’t need. Clambering over things to work out where in the hell you last placed them. Don’t worry we down at inStore can help you, whether you just want to get around your loft, home, garage a bit better or you want to keep a plane somewhere safe, anything and everything under the sun we can probably offer storage for.

Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear and Equipment from inStore
Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

We offer a safe and protected area for your gear, where it’s ski storage, skiing or snowboarding gear, sailing equipment, golf equipment you name it we can store it, with easy access we can look after your gear for a small price. We have lots of different people coming in with odd things to store, so don’t worry we have had it all!

What we do

Service – above all else we want to be a Storage company where our customers can store anything they like safely and have access when ever they like. We even have a Client Instruction form on our website allowing our customers to make requests any time they like.  People want easy specialist storage and no matter what they plan to store – we should be able to provide that service.

Get in touch if you are interested in our secure specialist storage for any sporting equipment you might have.  We would love to hear from you. Or if you prefer leave a comment on our Blog – your views of our services are valuable to us.

Need storage in Mere – Spring is here

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Henry

Storage in Mere

Spring is here in Mere (nearly) and as the morning frost has its last word the sun starts to take its place. There is something about spring and the sunny mornings and evening on the horizon that makes me want to have a spring clear out ready for what summer has to bring.

Our main warehouse in Mere, Wiltshire just off the A-303 offers the perfect place to stash your spring clear out items, whether you have a small bungalow or a gigantic office, we all need our space to think. That is where we come in.


Residential, Specialist, Removals, Commercial, Business, Relocation


We can secure insurance on any item stored with us, we wrap & pack, fetch & carry, store & more – all on demand.

inStore started in Wincanton as a family venture combining practical skills and experience with traditional values. Our work ethic is focused exclusively towards you, the customer. And our mission is to create a calm, stress-free, experience for every customer, every time so that you keep on coming back. inStore takes the load, literally.


Mere is a small town, It lies at the extreme southwestern tip of the Salisbury Plain, close to the borders of Somerset and Dorset. The A-303 truck road passed through Mere until a bypass was built on the northern edge of the town in 1976. There is an old market square (although markets have not been held for several years), a chiming town clock and large 15th-century parish church.

The steep slope of Castle Hill rises from the northwestern side of Mere. Local industry and commerce includes the Hill Brush company which was based next door to our warehouse, but has very recently moved to the outskirts on the other side of Mere having build a brand new factory.



Storage Facilities in Mere, Wiltshire, UK
Painting, Chris Lee

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Storing your mementos this Valentines

Posted on February 9, 2017 by Henry

Storing your mementos this Valentines

As Valentine’s is approaching, here at inStore we are thinking back to all the amazing things we have helped people store. Aside from all the crazy things we have in our warehouse lots being artwork and one being a plane!  The most heart warming is the sentimental ones. Boxes upon boxes of family photos that people want to keep safe or priceless heirlooms that need to be looked after. Storing your mementos this Valentines couldn’t be more easy.

Running out of space at home after Christmas and having mice in one part of the loft I had to keep some stuff hanging around waiting to be taken to the warehouse, one of our beautiful vases was knocked off the side board by the cleaner because she was reaching over all the boxes. This triggered me to writing this post because it got me thinking, with valentine’s day cropping up, it’s a time when we all think of our loved ones and the things they give us to treasure. Here at inStore we can treasure your loved ones gifts, so don’t wait around for the moment it falls off the side board, the mice get inside the box and eat your wedding dress or the moment an artist walks into your house picks up a urn and drops it with a blank expression.

All of these things are what people care for most in the world, the sort of things you don’t realise you love until there not there, whether it’s a fire or water damage, we find a lot of our customers don’t like taking the risk with their memories.

Here at inStore we keep your beloved things safe and protected : with dry storage and high end security you can trust us 24/7.

Contact us and we can help you look after the things that really need a safe home,

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