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Declutter Your House and Garden in Dorset

Posted on August 24, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Declutter Your House and Garden in Dorset

You’ll likely hear the term decluttering when it comes to organising our houses and apartments. Entire magazine and internet articles dedicate their pages to the best tips on how to achieve this. But it’s rare for anyone to use it when speaking about gardens or any outside spaces. However, they require the same level of maintenance and often have various appliances and furniture strewn haphazardly.

The InStore team works with lots of people who use storage to organise spaces, inside and outside of their homes and workplaces. Here’s some of our best advice on how to declutter your house and garden within a reasonable time.

Some Easy Tips for Garden Improvements –

The outside spaces of your home are the focal point for passers-by, which is why their upkeep is essential. Back gardens are where a lot of families and friends socialise, especially in better weather. And during the recent lockdown, these spaces have become crucial to people’s mental health and well-being. It’s also a major factor for people who are trading in their city life to find a property with a front and back garden.

You’ll need to keep on top of the maintenance of your gardens because they will quickly degrade without care and attention. Leaves, twigs, and debris can damage your plants and flowers, not to mention it doesn’t look nice. Make sure you undertake a quick clean-up of both spaces weekly and consider a small fence for your front garden to prevent any unwanted four-legged visitors leaving presents.

The plants, flowers, and bushes you choose should have some long-term considerations. If you live in a house which doesn’t get much afternoon sunlight, you’ll need more careful choices. Additionally, some flowers can’t survive during autumn or winter, so they’ll need to be potted and kept in a greenhouse or similar area. However, there are plenty of species to suit the weather conditions in your area, and you’ll need to do some research.

For décor, consider some hanging baskets, pot plants, solar lights, and some tasteful furniture. These things are all possible to achieve without spending a lot of money. People are using repurposed crates to create stunning garden furniture, and a few tasteful lights will bring your outdoor spaces to life as the sunsets.

Tips on Setting Realistic Decluttering Targets –

One of the things about decluttering many online articles fail to mention is how incredibly tedious it can be. That’s why we often put it off until it becomes unbearable or we’re planning an upcoming relocation. We usually suggest that people jump straight into their organising and cleaning bravely, giving themselves one week to complete it. However, this isn’t possible for everyone and other ways of approaching this are available.

Ultimately, it all depends on your schedule for work and family life. If you have children and a demanding job, it’s impossible to drop everything. So, let’s realistically think of things and set achievable targets. The last thing you should do is create more stress when you’re doing something like decluttering.

Our suggestion is to space your decluttering throughout a month and do things gradually. Use a calendar and create smaller action points for each week, then split them into daily tasks. You’ll need to work out what you’ll do with things you aren’t keeping. Dorset has plenty of recycling points and tips, as well as places for donations.

Tackle each room separately, which includes your gardens, the garage, and the loft. If your plan is due to moving, remember to take photos when you finish each room for your estate agent. You should also download a home inventory app to catalogue every item as you tidy up. This will save you repeating this, and you’ll know where everything is.

The Benefits of Self Storage When Organising –

When it comes to starting your decluttering, you’ll find things become a bit cramped and space is an issue. One way to do this will be packing everything up and moving items out of each space your organising. This will add to your workload and will likely drive you up the wall, which might not be the best idea. And this soon becomes a chore within a chore.

Self storage offers you a chance to clear everything out in one go without having to lug boxes around. Furthermore, you will avoid damaging your possessions by removing them entirely out of the way. You can then concentrate on the room you’re working on without tripping over things. This will make things much quicker and will no doubt reduce your stress levels.

InStore works with hundreds of customers every year; many began using self storage for this very purpose. They then kept their storage units after the job was over because of the convenience it offers. Moreover, the security measures at our depot are top-notch, ensuring complete safety for your belongings. There’s no lease or minimum storage period – you keep your storage unit as long as you need it.

You Can Reclaim the Garage, Loft and Shed –

Other than those rare examples of people who are naturally organised, many of us use the garage, loft, and shed as storage provisions. The problem occurs when they become a dumping ground for our boxes full of old cables and years’ worth of old furniture. You soon end up with a vast collection of things you’ll never use.

This is the time when you can reclaim these rooms and spaces to use for better purposes. An honest assessment of a typical home is they aren’t adequate for long-term storage purposes. All it takes is a loose roof slate or poor insulation for damp to set in, which then works its way into your possessions. And most things become saturated relatively quickly, which can mean permanent damage.

You can refer to the previous section regarding self storage and how this will benefit you when reclaiming the garage, loft and shed. But with regards to decluttering, you’ll need to be brave when it comes to getting rid of things. If you’re storing boxes and containers full of miscellaneous, broken tools or appliances, take them to your local tip. They can recycle the parts, and they won’t end up in a landfill.

The end result will be worth the effort, no matter how things are now. You can park your cars in your garage, convert the loft into a study or bedroom, and use your shed to store your garden furniture during bad weather.

No Vehicle? No Problem with a Man & Van Service –

Not everyone has access to a suitable vehicle to move everything to a storage unit, and it’s challenging to do with an average car. Hiring a van can be more expensive than you think, especially if you don’t get everything done on time. This leads to another day’s expense and let’s not forget you’ll have to do all the heavy-lifting work yourself.

This is why InStore also offers removals packages as part of our range of services. Our customers can book everything they need without having to use more than one company. We have vans of every size to collect all your possessions and transport them to one of our storage units. It’s simple, and you won’t have to put in much effort. We’ll do all the work for you, and we can help create an inventory of your belongings.

Whether you need a storage service or you’re moving to a new home, we have the right package for your requirements. We assess everything in detail before providing you with a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll never receive additional charges or hidden fees when you book with InStore. Everything we do is honest and transparent, and we’ll always suggest the most cost-effective, efficient service.

Instore Storage – Helping You Organise Your Home in Dorset –

We won’t fib about it – decluttering is not the most exciting thing going. However, the effect it will have on your home and outdoor spaces is worth the effort. And if you keep on top of things, it’s much easier to maintain with a monthly clear-out. You can reclaim several rooms and use them differently, making it possible to consider something like a room conversion.

InStore has excellent storage options to suit everyone’s situation, and we work with people and businesses in Dorset. In addition to storage, we have several removals packages to help people and companies relocate. If you need a service we don’t offer, we have contacts in just about every business sector you can think of. And we’ll gladly provide you with a referral.

If you need to organise your home and garden, InStore is here to help you tackle the job. Please contact us today, and we’ll discuss how self storage helps speed up the process while safeguarding your belongings.