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Declutter Tips Guide 2017

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Henry


The inStore Declutter Tips Guide 2017

As we enter the new year, jumping in with full gusto, we like to think that our lives might be a bit clearer, a bit more open to what the new year can bring us. Whether that’s a new job, new house, new person or even just a new mower your thinking about buying, but have no room in the garage. Here at inStore we’re going to give some pointers (or you could say friendly guidance) in the direction of a new you for a new year. This new you will be the ‘Decluttered’ you. To declutter or not to declutter, that is the question! If your antique furniture is clogging up your garage so Granny’s old table is blocking the door and you have a whole room just to store the paintings you can’t fit on the walls then it’s time to start decluttering now!

  1. Why not try ‘The Oprah Winfrey wardrobe Hanger Test’
    This experiment in which Oprah Winfrey has said to have invented is a way of working out what you do and don’t wear in your wardrobe, the trick is to hang everything with the hangers facing one direction, then when you come to use an item you put it back by turning around the hanger the other way, as weeks go on you start to see what you really don’t wear and can give it to a charity shop.
  2. The ask yourself the ‘how much its worth’ question
    Scientist has found that you can better declutter by asking creative questions like ‘how much would I pay for this?’ this helps to really know if you have an undying love for your item or whether its just charitable goods.
  3. The inStore trick
    Here at inStore we think the best way to declutter your life is to keep those ever important things, throwing them away is rather bad for the conscious and the environment, so why not keep your beloved children’s school paintings, or your parents hand-me- down crockery in our well equipped warehouse.