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DIY Storage – Pros and Cons

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Henry

My guess is that this applies as much to Business Storage as it does to Personal or Domestic Storage.  It’s all about Space at the end of the day, but hey – I think the Pros and Cons of DIY Storage are worth looking at – so without further ado:

DIY Storage Pros

  • Flexible – your belongings are always there when you need them.  There is just no quibbling with the situation.
  • Location – your belongings are probably on your doorstep – which is lovely.
  • Empty Barns – if you are lucky enough to have space and are not using it for anything else.
  • Costs – although the costs look obvious that may bit always be the case – but it is definitely worth working out.
  • Small Items – obviously easier to store locally in an attic or garage.

DIY Storage Cons

  • Space – you lose it and for offices in particular this can be expensive – the loss of valuable office space means rental costs can be higher than if you were to employ off-site storage units.
  • Labour – if you are self storing – then you’re doing all the work.  If belongings are heavy you need to either enlist friends or find some way to get around the problem.
  • Security – the truth is you’re unlikely without great expense to be able to provide the level of security you might want.  I say this all with a pinch of salt as it all depends on what you are storing, which for the purposes of this article is a big unknown to us.
  • Damp and Condensation – I cannot tell you the times I have visited peoples garages or out-buildings to rescue belongings from the elements, be it moths or mildew when you’re storing personal belongings and the time comes to bring everything out the cleaning and throwing away is excruciating.
  • Special Items – cars, planes, antiques all things that need Specialist Storage, if something is very valuable it is probably worth the cost of proper storage.

The purpose of this small note on the Pros and cons of DIY storage is not really to persuade one way or the other – but more to open the discussion on what is available out there.  How much access do you need? What sort of budget is available? Do you have the space for DIY storage?

Do please let us know if you have any comments of your own on this.