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DIY Storage – Pros and Cons

Posted on September 10, 2021 by Henry
DIY Storage – Pros and Cons

When we think about how we store things, the default position is to keep everything at home or in the office, where we have dedicated rooms or spaces. The problem with this begins when space runs out, and we start cramming things on top of wardrobes and under beds. For a workplace, change this to a back office or buying more filing cabinets.

Before you know it, you don’t have anywhere else for things to go. Not only that, you’ve lost a number of rooms in the process, and it starts to become a major problem, specifically for businesses where compliance and spacing regulations are strict. That’s why it’s important to consider how you’re currently storing things and whether it’s the best choice to do it yourself.

The Pros and Cons of In-House Storage –

This applies as much to business storage as it does to personal or domestic scenarios.  It’s all about the space you have available, but we need to look closely at the pros and cons of DIY storage before having a firm position on the benefits of both. It’s also worth noting that everyone has different needs and property types of working with. That’s why it’s always necessary to evaluate things objectively.

The purpose of this blog on the pros and cons of DIY storage is not really to persuade one way or the other – but more to open the discussion on what is available out there.  How much access do you need? What sort of budget is available? Do you have the space for DIY storage? Are these spaces able to withstand the elements? What are your security measures like presently?

To get a better idea of what you should consider before choosing either option, we’ll break down the benefits of the do-it-yourself approach. From there, you can add in some other points like quotes for self storage and online ratings. This will give you a holistic view of both options; you can work out which works for your budget and situation.

DIY Storage Pros –

In some situations, it makes more sense to keeps things under your own roof. We’ll look at some of the advantages of doing this first before considering any downsides. Here are some of the benefits of storing your possessions or work items in-house.

  • Flexible – your belongings are always there when you need them. There is just no quibbling with the situation.
  • Location – your belongings are probably on your doorstep or nearby, removing any issues with finding or using an item.
  • Empty barn or building – if you are lucky enough to have this type of space and are not using it for anything else.
  • Costs – Although the costs might be obvious, that’s not always the case—more on that in the next section.
  • Small items – obviously easier to store locally in a loft, shed, or garage.

DIY Storage Cons –

Now we can go over some of the potential pitfalls you might encounter for DIY storage. From working with a variety of customers, both household and business, we have plenty of experience. And we’re basing this on feedback from current and previous customers.

  • Space – you lose it, and for offices, this can be expensive. The loss of valuable office space means rental costs can be higher than choosing off-site storage units.
  • Labour – if you are self-storing, then you’re doing all the work. If belongings are heavy, you need to enlist friends or find some way to get around the problem.
  • Security – the truth is you’re unlikely without great expense to be able to provide the level of protection you might want. We say this with a pinch of salt as it all depends on what you are storing, which is a big unknown to us for this article.
  • Damp and condensation – we can confirm there have been numerous times where our team have arrived at garages or out-buildings to rescue belongings from the elements. Once there, we see damage from moths or mildew. Additionally, when you’re storing items yourself and the time comes to bring everything out,  the cleaning and throwing away is excruciating.

Finding Self Storage on a Budget –

We’re going to list some suggestions here about finding self storage to match your finances. If you see more downsides than benefits of storing things yourself, it’s a good idea to start putting some costs together. Any reputable storage provider will happily provide you with a free quote without additional pressure to book afterwards. The golden rule for any service is to get three quotations to give you a range of prices to consider.

In addition to this pricing, they should suggest a package that’s appropriate to your situation. There’s no such thing as one size fits all when you contact Instore Storage. We tailer storage to meet our customer’s expectations and requirements. This will reflect when we give you the free quote and details of the storage service we think lines up with your situation.

In most scenarios, using off-site storage will have more benefits than storing everything yourself. It’s true there is the financial side of things to be mindful of, so budget wisely. However, you won’t receive a better way to safeguard your work’s equipment or personal belongings. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about over-committing to a long-term contract because we don’t apply a minimum length of storage.  

Man & Van for Collections and Deliveries – 

There’s one point that sometimes excludes people from using storage before they get a chance to ponder the benefits. How will they bring everything to the storage unit without having a big van? Luckily, Instore has a remedy for this that won’t cause any added work for you. And it’s all part of our ‘everything under one roof’ policy.

We have a dedicated removal service that links with all storage packages, making it seamless. The benefit for you is having no problems with collection and deliveries. We’ll head over to your home or workplace to collect your items for storage. There’s also no need to worry about packing – we can do this as well, in addition to creating an inventory as we pack and load.

This item inventory will be essential before everything goes into storage for various reasons. You won’t have to scramble around looking for something. We’ll share the detailed list with you, making it simple to check if the item in question is in storage. Then you can head over to retrieve it from your self storage unit at any time, during opening hours.

Using Online Reviews for Customer Service –

It’s true that Instore Storage champions self storage and would suggest the service in most circumstances. However, we reiterate that it’s by no means always the correct answer, and we encourage people to price things thoroughly before making a decision. If you’re now starting to see how beneficial storage is to your situation, it’s essential to receive a high standard of service.

It will help if you do some homework and search around to find storage and removal services from a reliable company. This should focus on businesses with a consistent string of four to five stars on Google Reviews, and Trustpilot will likely have good customer service. This is crucial for anyone looking for a removal and storage provider who cares about their customers.

By choosing Instore Storage, you’ll always find someone to talk with, and we respond to emails timeously. For more complicated jobs, we’ll assign a lead person with who you’ll have direct contact. Our team will guide you through the moving process from start to finish. You’ll enjoy an unbeatable standard of customer service, a broad selection of packages, and everyone receives a free, no-obligation quote.

Instore Storage – Meeting Your Storage Needs in Dorset –

As we mention throughout this blog, there’s no correct answer for storing things in-house, in your house, or with a professional storage company. It all comes down to your circumstances, what budget is available, and what you’re storing. Hopefully, you’ll now have a better idea of the general pros and cons of DIY storage.

Instore Storage has packages to suit everyone’s needs, and we work with households and businesses from all over Dorset. In addition to storage, our removals packages help people and companies relocate. If any services aren’t in our range, we’ll gladly provide you with a professional referral to one of the many clients and associates we know.

If you want the highest level of protection for your possessions or work’s equipment, click here. We’ll start an assessment and create a free quote to match your requirements.