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Do You Really Need Self Storage in Dorset? Low-Cost Container Storage

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
Do You Really Need Self Storage in Dorset? Low-Cost Container Storage

At inStore, we believe that storage can benefit everyone and free up a lot of space in the home and at work. While we know this from experience, if storage is new to you, it might seem confusing, which can be off-putting. What’s the right kind of storage for your needs? And is the additional expense worth it?

Luckily for people in Dorset, inStore has many great storage options that cover a variety of different situations and budgets. While self storage is very popular, it might not be the right storage option for you. Container storage offers the ultimate level of security at lower prices than self storage. The one thing that’s true of any given situation – inStore will only advise the most suitable and cost-effective package.

InStore’s Container Storage Units –

inStore has domestic storage options that cater to everyone’s requirements and budgets. There are two main types of personal storage we offer. The first is self storage which gives you regular access to your belongings. However, if you require long-term storage without the need for continuous access, we suggest going with our container storage package.

From prices starting at £14 per week, our container storage is the cheapest in Dorset. This doesn’t mean compromising for a lesser quality of service though. Every storage unit has climate control features to ensure no damage occurs to fragile or valuable items. And the security systems at our facility are state of the art.

inStore works with people from all over Dorset, with many choosing to store with us instead of more local providers. That’s because our reputation for excellent customer service often results in recommendations from happy clients. It’s all about providing a range of storage solutions that will benefit as many people as possible.

Secure Storage for Business in Dorset –

In recent years the way business owners consider storage is changing, with old perceptions making way for innovative thinking. That’s why inStore provides every kind of storage service for commercial and corporate clients. This includes large corporations and small businesses.

And because inStore is a member of the Master Removers Group, we’re able to offer low prices as well as access to a network of associate companies across the UK and beyond. This elite network of removals, storage and logistics providers gives us a massive advantage when we need to undertake national or international jobs.

Every member of the inStore team has decades worth of storage experience in addition to other trades. Furthermore, we give them the right tools and equipment so they can undertake any job. There’s always someone available to discuss any issues and help you offload any items into your secure storage unit.

InStore Storage – Dorset’s Number One for Storage Prices –

At inStore, we look at storage differently from other companies in our industry. For us, it’s all about being flexible and ready to take on any type of storage job. With an eye for detail and a drive for customer service, it’s no wonder that we work with people from all over the county every week.

Our range of storage options is where it all comes together. And it’s our mission to make sure we have the right packages to cover various scenarios. Moreover, should your needs change, we’ll happily upgrade you to a different size unit. Or, if you require more regular access, it’s possible to change your container unit for a self storage one.

Whether you need to store some inherited furniture for a long time, or your business needs additional space, we have the right storage service for you. Contact us today, and we’ll assess your storage requirements.