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Dorset’s Business-Friendly Storage Provider

Posted on January 15, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Dorset’s Business-Friendly Storage Provider

Businesses of all sizes from every industry use storage to save money and create more space in their offices, factories and warehouses. And the companies we work with know it helps to work with a storage provider who understands their needs. That’s why hundreds of companies in Dorset use InStore for their business and commercial storage.

What Advantages does Storage Offer Businesses in Dorset?

The simple answer to this is the following:

  • Complete security for your work equipment and goods
  • No lease or a minimum storage period
  • Flexible storage options with possibility to upgrade or downsize
  • Affordable prices that help reduce your business’s outgoings

Although we offer a range of storage options and unit sizes, the constant thing all our customers receive is security. Without a doubt, storage is the best way to secure and safeguard your business’s equipment and goods. Our units can withstand all weather conditions, we can control the temperature, and our facility has excellent security features.

Unlike commercial rental properties, you won’t have to worry about signing a lease for a storage unit. Similarly, we don’t apply a minimum rental period because we promote the ethos of using storage to suit your needs. We’re flexible, and our staff will always do our best to accommodate people who need business storage. And should your circumstances change, it’s possible to switch to a bigger or smaller unit.

And that all-important aspect for companies in Dorset – storage is much cheaper than commercial rental prices. It’s not worth trying to draw a comparison in cost per square feet. By choosing to use a self storage unit for things like stock or equipment, you can free up more space. Some of our retail clients do this and then have the option of renting a smaller property to reduce their expenses further.

What Type of Businesses Use Storage in Dorset?

InStore works with individuals, sole traders and companies in a variety of business sectors. In this section, we’ll provide some examples of businesses we work with.

E-commerce – one of the faster growing small business sectors is e-commerce. It’s accessible to anyone looking to sell products online, usually specialist interest items. A storage unit is an ideal way to store your goods without the need for a rental property.

Retail stores – lots of retail stores in Dorset struggle for space, especially leading up to Christmas. It’s possible to rent a self storage unit to store stock to free up more backroom space. This gives you the option of renting a smaller shop in the city-centre to reduce your outgoings.

Supermarkets and local traders – with continual discounts and early promotions for the Christmas and Easter, most supermarkets require additional storage space. And this isn’t always possible within their current setup. Additionally, local traders usually have a limited amount of storage space. This is why many supermarkets and traders rent a storage unit with InStore.

Construction and trade subcontractors – it’s not unusual for subcontractors in construction and other trades to keep their tools and materials at home. The only problem is, they take up space, and it’s not a secure way to avoid damage of theft. InStore’s storage units offer the best way to ensure your work’s equipment is safe and sound.

Instore Storage – Dorset’s Number One Company for Business Storage –

At InStore, we do everything possible to assist businesses in Dorset and the surrounding areas. There’s nothing we like to see more than someone taking the initiative by starting their own business. And this is where we can help to reduce their costs by providing alternative workspace or offsite storage.

Some established companies may need to lower their expenses, and it’s possible to downsize their current premises for a smaller, cheaper one. The stock remains with us at our secure storage depot while the business owner can utilise their store’s space more effectively.

Dorset is has an excellent business community and InStore is ready to help your enterprise benefit from storage. Contact us today, and we’ll guide you through our storage options to find the right one for your company.