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Downsizing Your Office or Workspace with Self Storage

Posted on July 21, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Downsizing Your Office or Workspace with Self Storage

The reduction in limits and restrictions from lockdown will please many people, most notably businesses who were struggling to make ends meet. However, this may not be enough for a full recovery from the financial strain the Covid-19 pandemic put many companies through, especially SMEs. Lots of businesses in Dorset will need to restructure their operations to keep their doors open, even with the ability to trade again.

InStore always looks for ways to help our business community in Dorset, which is why we put together this blog article. We believe there’s a feasible alternative if you use self storage to downsize workspaces to help reduce your outgoings.

Finding the Right Workplace for Your Company –

The lockdown saw a lot of companies in Dorset struggle to keep from going under. Things like monthly expenses were draining ability to pay and retain employees. Thankfully, lifting restrictions makes it easier to reopen businesses as we all try to regain a sense of normality. However, this hasn’t solved every issue, and many companies are playing catch up to balance their books.

InStore was active throughout the lockdown period, and we had lots of business removals and storage jobs as a knock-on effect of monthly rent being too high. And it’s likely to continue as renters struggle to meet outgoings. Maybe this is the perfect time to re-evaluate how your business is set up? Could your company benefit from finding a more affordable property?

There are ways to downsize your commercial rental property without affecting your business negatively. You can use storage as your stock provision and take up a cheaper store or building. By using offsite storage for your goods, you can find a more affordable rental property, or you can utilise the storage space you have now more effectively.

Downsizing to Increase Sales Space –

All retail stores have some form of storage space in the back, which is where they keep their current stock. This might be adding to the overall expense as prime commercial rental often goes by cubic feet. With this in mind, you might be able to change things up in two ways if you’re looking to reduce your monthly rent outgoings.

The first option is to alter the set-up of your current store to see if you can maximise every space for sales. Could you increase sales by reducing storage space? Is it possible to repurpose the storage area to accommodate customers? For this option, you can keep a limited amount of stock on-site and use self storage. But you’ll need to consult your landlord or letting agent regarding their guidelines for amending room usage.

Your second option is to move to more affordable premises and then use self storage as your main stock room. By renting with InStore, it’s easy to move items in and out of our units. There are no limits to how often you visit your self storage unit during our business hours. And everything is designed for ease of access for loading and unpacking.

Another alternative for increasing sales is to relocate to a property with more passing customers. While this might entail a slight increase in initial rental costs, you can still save money if you go with a smaller retail store and use self storage. It will take some research, but it’s possible to reduce outgoings and make some positive changes.

Save Money by Using InStore for Self Storage –

One aspect of self storage is it’s far cheaper than commercial rental prices Even if it’s a short-term measure, you can help stem the tide caused by lockdown by reducing your rental costs for a year or two. This will give you a chance to repay any debts and steer your business out of the red. Moreover, you might find using self storage for your dedicated storage provision more favourable.

InStore is a big fan of Dorset businesses, and that’s why we do whatever we can to help during difficult times. If you need ideas on how to make savings, we’ll try and send information and tips to you. That’s why we create blog articles and share them regularly. Our team has decades worth of experience in storage and removals, as well as in other trades. This always helps us give new perspectives to people who are considering cost-cutting measures.

It’s possible to trim your expenses and have a thriving business; you don’t need to choose one or the other. Storage can be an essential part of your company’s rescue plan; should you need to set a more stringent budget. And we have a range of storage and removals packages to choose from, making it possible for us to match your requirements.

Other Benefits of Business Self Storage –

Your stock and equipment will have the ultimate level of protection when you use an InStore self storage unit. They’re built to withstand all weather conditions, separating your goods and equipment from the elements completely. And each unit has environmental controls to keep everything in perfect condition.

Another benefit of using self storage is you can rent as long as you need it. There’s no lease or minimum rental period, which is another advantage over commercial rental, where contracts can restrict your ability to downsize. You can read Instore’s terms and conditions here to check our guidelines for storage and other relevant information in our FAQ section.

Our facilities have excellent amenities, and a member of the Instore team is always on-hand to assist you. We have all the necessary storage equipment to help you unpack everything into your storage unit. We can also arrange to collect your items for storage, should you need assistance.

All Your Storage and Removals Needs –

At InStore, we do everything possible to assist businesses in Dorset and the surrounding areas. That’s why we keep our prices low to ensure any company can afford to move or find suitable storage space. And we believe that it’s possible to have excellent customer service and enjoy good value for money. You don’t have to choose one or the other when you book with us.

A lot of companies in Dorset may need to lower their expenses, and it’s possible to downsize their current premises for a smaller, cheaper one. Your stock and equipment can go into one of our storage units at our secure depot while you make alternative arrangements for your staff and business operations.

Additionally, it’s possible to make long-term changes to how you operate by using self storage as your offsite storage provision. You can free up space in your current commercial rental property or downsize to a more affordable one. There’s plenty of choices available to help you improve your operating process and save some money every month.

Instore Storage – Dorset’s Number One for Business Self Storage –

InStore has a range of storage options that cater to virtually every type of company, which covers everything from small businesses up to multinational corporations. And the best part for any business owner or manager is you won’t need to use other service providers. We have multiple removals and storage packages for you to choose from, making it possible to provide you with an exact service to fit your needs.

From your first inquiry communication with us, you’ll notice that our staff are positive and flexible. We want your business to succeed, and, understandably, you’re under a lot of stress. That’s why we go out of our way to make things easier for you. And having a holistic range of removals and related packages is an essential aspect of customer service.

Moreover, using one company for both a removal and storage service will lower your costs. You’ll also be able to hand over a lot of the work for us to handle. This should free you up to take on other important tasks while we oversee and deliver a successful relocation. And that’s why we have repeat customers who use us again for their next business relocation and other services.

If you’re looking into ways of reducing your rental expenses, please contact us today. We’ll go through our storage and removal packages in more detail while putting together a quote for you.