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Don’t Lose Friendships During A Move

Posted on September 10, 2017 by Henry

Moving home is becoming a more frequent event for people these days. Moving location for work, needing more space, affordability, children’s needs and care the elderly etc. There are many reasons. We know it’s the right thing logically to do, the consideration of friendships may not be a big factor in our decision. After all, you can just make more friends. However, how many people that you know are your actual friends? We all have different values of when someone becomes your friends as opposed to an acquaintance or college. Firm friends are present for your emotionally and physically. Building close friends takes time and effort and is a 2- way street. Holding friendships through the many changing events is very rewarding as it broadens your life experience, knowledge and emotional intelligence. When there is physical distance between friends the connection can be lost or change into something less meaningful. Here are some tips on how to maintain that connection and build on it when you move, and are not part of your friends regular life.

Social Media

For sure if you have these methods and your friend does, work it. Post more, comment more, like more. Let them know you see their life and you are a part of it. It’s not as personal and making a phone call, but can often spur a phone call, text, email and offer to visit. These things are more considdred and matter more.

Being Part Of The Move

Many friends make easier work packing up a house. Less emotional attachment to the possessions makes speedier boxing. Although they may not be there at the other end to unpack having a house warming gathering when your ready is another way to say thank you for their efforts.

Give Your Stuff To Your Friends

Instead of giving to charity or the recycling centre, offer your stuff to your friends. If it will not go into your new place then perhaps someone will want it. They will think of you when they see that piece of furniture/book/curtain rail Etc. It works the other way as well. They may have items they do not want but will work well in your new home.

Make Space For Friends To Visit

If your far away. Asking a friend to come a visit can be difficult as cost for travel, accommodation can be prohibitley expensive. See about making space in your home for a guest. If you don’t have bedrooms, get creative with camping in the garden (for the kids?) or the lounge becoming a den. Journey half way for a long lunch. Once these obstacles can be overcome once, then it will be easier to meet more often.


Just as a home move gets rid of stuff you don’t want, or need. Moving can show you what friendships you want to maintain and who is willing to maintain these connections with you. Those that remain are precious.

As the time draws near you may want to spent more time with those friends that are important to you. Let us take care of your house move for you. Our service is designed from the outset to be cost-effective, we will match other quotes if necessary, easy, flexible and friendly.  Give us a call on 01963 616161 or just get a quote.