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Glastonbury Storage with inStore

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Henry

Well, we did it again, another year another brilliant festival, our Glastonbury storage clients were, we hope, over the moon or should I say high as a kite with our services this year.

But, I’m jumping ahead of myself, we’re storage specialists with an in-depth knowledge of possessions and how people interact with their possessions, their cares, likes and dislikes.  But Glastonbury is something different and we are very well-positioned to help all sorts of businesses and people with their storage needs over the Glastonbury Festival.

And, before you start to think we’re some sort of cloakroom service for coats and peoples bags and what not.  That’s not us either.  We much further in the background than that, and that’s something we really rather like.  We’re facilitators with a facility.

What we offer is storage for the 360 days that the Festival is not on.  All the time that Glastonbury Festival is just a lovely green field, that is when we’re active.  We are on-call 24/7 all year-round, but if you are a band, a marquee company or a Pop-Up Hotel or caterer and you have any special kit for Glasto and perhaps a few other festivals then we’re the people you should be in touch with.

Our service is complimentary, we can pick up or delivery, we can arrange for your kit to be in the right place at the right time, if you need it a few weeks in advance we can have it there.  But not only that we can provide a venue for you to clean the kit, scrub everything down, dry it out, mend, repair or take delivery of new or replacement kit.  We’re partners to anyone wanting to store their possessions ready for Glastonbury.

To be honest, it gets hectic, it one of the busiest times of year for us, phone calls, organising, making sure we have the right vans in the right place is logistical, but that’s what makes our Glastonbury storage so much fun for us.  It is a challenge, we turn up the volume and enjoy it all.  Plus we get to see the behind the scenes at the venue.

If you need storage personal or business – try us, get a quote or give us a call.