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Guide to Student Storage in Wiltshire for Summer Break

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Henry

Ok, summers here, schools out and it’s time to go home and get your laundry done and eat from your parents fridge and breath out. Your future is bright and abundant. Perhaps you have a work lined up. But there’s one more job you have to do. Clear out your stuff from your university digs. DON’T PANIC! Read this guide to student storage in Wiltshire and get it done in a weekend (or a day if you power through like when you did those assignments). Start like this: Catagorise your stuff, make 3 area’s/piles

Chuck It

If it’s broken, chuck it. It’s you can’t think of any use for it. Chuck it. Loads of papers that feel stressful to store, Chuck it. Recycle if you can for your conscious but don’t store crap you don’t need. Enjoy being ruthless. Then Chuck it out. Make Space to make progress.

Charity It

Books your will not re-read, clothes that you don’t see yourself wearing again. un-necessary and working gadgets. All good stuff for someone else. Drop the lot off at a charity shop and feel good about yourself. if you donate to Oxfam you can attach your nectar card and gain points when they sell. Bonus! Once ready take it to the charity shop. Make space to make progress.

Box It

What’s left goes in a box. Does it look like a lot? Never mind, once its in a box it’s sorted. Instore can provide you will all the packing material you need. Boxes, wrap, tape Etc.  The rule about packing is: If you see it. Put it in a box. Stick to that and you will make progress. Remember the bottom of the box needs to remain strong. When boxing imagine that are not going to open these again until some time so don’t stress too much about categorising them very well. Unpacking is always faster than packing.

Now you should have neat manageable pile of your stuff.

Feel pleased with yourself

Clean Up

Hover the place, give it wipe. You don’t have to be immaculate the landlord should thoroughly clean it before the next lot comes in. this puts you in good stead for a reference and its worth it. Tell the landlord about any stuff that needs fixing or wasn’t quite right.

Our instore Boys will pick this up, take away your trouble and you know it’s safe secure ready for the next adventure. Problem solved and sorted.

We hope you found this guide to student storage in Wiltshire useful. Now enjoy your summer.