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How to Run an SME from a Storage Unit in Dorset

Posted on November 20, 2019 by Peter Donaldson
How to Run an SME from a Storage Unit in Dorset

The Life of a business owner is not an easy path to tread, but there’s nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. Setting and maintaining a budget is a key component to a successful company, and it’s wise to save money whenever you can. The idea is to curb any expenses now so that you can enjoy the perks after a period of sustainable growth.

Dorset is an excellent location for SMEs, and we have a vibrant business community which is supported by our residents. Many start-up enterprises in Dorset are looking at ways to save money by using alternative workspaces. At InStore Storage, our storage units and packages are the perfect solution for small businesses in Dorset.

Can You Run a Small Business Out of a Storage Unit?

The answer to this is a definite, yes. How can we say this with a degree of confidence? Because it’s a growing trend amongst the SME community all over the UK. And we have clients who already do this out of our storage units. Sectors like e-commerce find it a natural fit because they need an affordable warehouse alternative that can double up as an office. However, this is suitable for the majority of small enterprises in various sectors.

One of the gatekeeping issues with starting a new company is commercial rental. The rates are often so expensive that many companies can’t maintain their monthly outgoings. While it’s worth finding a suitable property once you establish yourself, it’s not a necessity straight away. By thinking outside the box, you can secure a place to work without outlaying thousands of pounds a month.

Lots of start-ups and SMEs in Dorset use storage units as an alternative office and workspaces instead of renting a commercial property. It might be basic, but it’s an affordable way to have a dedicated place to work and store goods and equipment. You can then maintain a budget as you navigate the first couple of years trading.

Other Benefits of Using Business Storage in Dorset –

In addition to the option of an alternative workspace, using storage for your business has numerous other benefits. Storage offers the highest level of security for your company. Damage and theft are something you’ll no longer have to worry about. That’s because our depot has state of the art security measures and our staff undertake vigilance training.

For people who are already renting a commercial property, storage offers another way of storing stock or equipment. We work with retail businesses from all over Dorset who want to downsize or keep extra stock away from their store. This allows them to create more space to display and generate sales while also ensuring their products are safe and secure.

InStorage believes in catering to as many different business sectors as possible which makes flexibility a necessity. We will always look into each company’s specifications in detail to see how we can accommodate those unique needs. Furthermore, our rates are affordable, making it possible for all businesses to benefit from storage in Dorset.

Instore Storage – Dorset’s Number One Storage Company for SMEs –

At InStore, we understand how difficult it is to start a company from scratch. We were once in the same position, and there are lots of obstacles in the way. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And anyone can start a small business by using a storage unit to work out of. It doesn’t mean this is a permanent thing, but it’s a cost-effective way to start things off.

Additionally, it’s also possible to downsize your current rental property for a smaller, cheaper one. By using a storage unit, you can keep a central location to attract passing customers but have your stock offsite. Then, you can use all your floor space to display your goods and to accommodate more sales.

If you’re starting your own small business in Dorset soon, contact us today. You don’t need an expensive commercial property yet – renting an InStore storage unit will get the job done.