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Office Move – Make it profitable

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Henry

Thinking of an Office move – These are certainly uncertain times for all of us in the UK, pro-Brexit, pro-Europe – we aren’t fussy or going to mind, a general election has been called to make matters more fun, what are we talking about here.  Business in the country-side.  Even in our local town of Mere, The Hill Brush Factory, a stalwart of the last 70 years has moved to completely new Warehousing and Offices within the same town.  Should you be thinking of an office move as well?

Here’s the rub – from our point of view of course – Space equals money… offices in Gillingham, Frome or Warminster re priced up at a fixed square foot rate, so too are business rates and probably a few other aspects.  Office Space has never been at more of premium than now.  The mission then must be to use it wisely.  Why are you thinking to move office? expansion, consolidation, even the act of moving office is an investment right now.  And how can we be sure it will be in the interests of your business.

Well worry not – we’re not going to past judgement on any motivation you might have for your office move, but what we would say is use you space for your staff. and then use us for Storage.  Old accounts, paperwork, regulation stuff that you simply don’t need any more.  We are here to help.

Our business service makes economic sense, you use us at £10 per container per week and the space we can save you will mean another employee, or a room less in Business Rates, either way it’s more productivity or huge savings.

Our service means that you can be flexible, let us know when you’re coming to collect something or have it posted, delivered or collected we don’t mind… notify us or just send an email informing us of your needs, we’re happy to respond and fulfil your needs.  Everything is protected 27/7, under lock and key and we’re connected to the local police station.

Most Offices have a box room these days – a place to easily store stuff… but it is both expensive and unnecessary with inStore – your local and flexible storage units.  If you’re planning an office move – please feel free to give us a call and make it profitable.