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Our Storage Services at inStore

Posted on October 12, 2021 by Henry
Our Storage Services at inStore

At Instore Storage, we like to provide our customers and followers with real-world examples of how storage applies to various situations. That’s because we want to be informative and give some context about how it benefits people. Online blogs are sometimes slightly vague and miss the most important aspect of highlighting how to apply storage.

None of this is possible without a range of storage services, and we’re more than happy to discuss ours. Instore’s depth of coverage is second to none, and the breadth of what we offer is wide-ranging and always beats expectations. Whether you’re looking for affordable household or business storage, we have the right service for you.

An Overview of Our Range of Storage Options –

There are two main facets a top-notch storage provider should be able to offer their customers. The first is the ability to provide plenty of different choices via their range of storage packages. The second is to couple this with unbeatable high standards of customer service. Here’s a brief overview of our packages and this blog’s talking points:

  • Personal storage – you can organise the inside and outside of your home.
  • Specialist storage – for any items that aren’t exactly the norm.
  • Removals storage – we’ll go over the advantages of using storage when moving.
  • Industrial storage – we also work with commercial enterprises.
  • Business storage – create more space in the office.

We’ll go into more detail about the features of each service to give you some insight and how they apply to certain situations. This will allow us an opportunity to showcase what that means in real terms. You’ll then have a better idea of what lines up with your wants and needs for storage. We’re going to start things off in the household to see how you can improve your living spaces.

Personal Storage – An Extension of your Home –

With the Instore Personal Storage service, you can either use our meet and greet option or drop off your items at our depot yourself. Bring your belongings to one of our easily accessible storage units, and we can assist with unloading. Alternatively, we have our fleet of vehicles and experienced team, and we will prepare and move your items for you. It all depends on what your preference is.

Many of our domestic customers consider a storage unit an extension of their house or flat. This is especially handy for anyone with limited space, notably people who downsize but want to keep their possessions. Even if you’re in a bigger property, you’ll soon run out of places soon enough and would prefer to retain their items. That’s the beauty of storage – you’ll instantly upgrade your storage areas without having to relocate or make drastic modifications.

You’ll have two choices – container or self storage units, and each package comes with pros and cons. They both cater to various storage periods and access needs, so we cover short and long-term timeframes and whether you need to have full accessibility or not. Both options have environmental controls to eliminate overheating or cold conditions. There’s no safer or more secure way to protect your belongings.

Specialist Storage for Unique Items – 

We understand the packing and storing process required for items that don’t fit neatly into the cardboard. Each and every one of these demands specialist treatment and specific ways of packaging and positioning when it the unit. We pack every single item for safekeeping throughout its stay. You can have the assurance that we are in complete control over the unit’s temperature to remove issues of moisture or dampness.

We apply our expertise to manage each task appropriately. From the valuable antique clock to the hefty grand piano, our specialist storage services mean we can store almost anything, even a plane. We have experience working with auctioneers, antique dealers, and valuers ensure that Instore provides a safe environment and carefully preserves specialist and valuable items.

Once your items are in storage, they’re in the safest collective set of hands possible. You’ll have confidence that experts are always handling and looking after your items. We understand the best packing materials to avoid damaging surfaces and prevent unnecessary small pockets of heat. It all results in a superior storage experience that safeguards the things that matter to you.

Using Storage When Moving Home –  

Our removal storage services are tailored around your needs exactly. From the full professional wrap and pack to supplying you with all the materials needed to do it yourself. If you need us to, we can arrange competitive insurance cover and professional inventories. You can share the latter with your insurance provider to check if your current deal is suitable.

We are happy to discuss your needs over the phone, email or Facetime, WhatsApp, or a Zoom call. For more complicated jobs, we will arrange a site assessment to make sure we understand things like difficult access points and parking restrictions. This helps for trickier relocations where we need to ensure we can avoid damage to objects and interior walls.

It’s this high-quality service delivery that sets us apart from other lesser removals companies. We understand that every job is different and base our assessment on the facts in front of us. There are similar ways to approach things, but we never assume something beforehand. You’ll receive a service that matches your requirements, not the other way around.

Industrial Storage – Freeing Up Factory Space –

Instore offers local storage services for businesses throughout Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset & Devon, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. We often perform relocations to the neighbouring areas as well and further afield through our partner network. That means there’s no job we can’t take on, regardless of the company’s size or types of machinery.

You can free up expensive operational space from all the stuff and bulk not needed for everyday core functional use at a fraction of the cost. We do all the travelling, storing, maintenance and organisation to deliver instant retrieval right to your door for when you need it – and in the proper condition. We’ll also create an inventory, so you know exactly what items are in storage.

What’s more, you’ll be working with a team that understands the needs of your industry. We plan every industrial storage situation thoroughly, so we know about specific pieces of equipment. Many companies use storage when they stagger a relocation. Typically for production lines where operations continue until the last available minute. 

Business Storage – All Your Office Needs – 

We provide all manner of Business Storage package. Whether that’s for legal business requirements, hard copy business storage, office paperwork, or other business documentation. You’ll be able to wave goodbye to rows of filing cabinets and full backrooms by using business storage. All at affordable prices while freeing up space.

Our range of services available includes project assessment, collection, and delivery services. Instore can also provide document digitisation services with a dedicated maintenance and retrieval plan to suit your needs. We can collect the items due for storage and will return them to you when you need them. You’ll also have access to your storage unit at any time during our opening hours.

Much like our personal storage, this is like your offsite addition to the office. While it’s slightly further away, you’ll have more space and less clutter. You’ll enjoy a secure place for vital legal documents and similar papers. The result is a clutter-free office with lots more space to use for your business, all without moving to larger premises.

Instore Storage – Here for All Your Storage Needs in Dorset –

Instore’s relocation and storage services are designed to look after the logistical aspects of making sure all your belongings arrive in perfect condition at your new location. We always do things strategically because it’s necessary to plan thoroughly to get the best results. You’ll always get the highest standards of storage and related services when you book with us.

We will assess in detail before advising the most suitable storage option for your requirements. This includes a free quote with no hassle to book afterwards. We’re confident you’ll see the various benefits of working with us when it comes to storing your household or office items.

Click here to begin your assessment and receive a free, no-obligation quote. You can also call us today on 01963 616161 or request a call-back at a more convenient time.