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Time to Reflect on Our Possessions

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Henry

You may have noted that we’ve been proactive on our Blog recently. We’ve been promoting reflections on our possessions and what drives us to keep and store them in this modern age of busy lives and on the edge living.  We’ve done this and will keep doing this, partly to keep you our customers informed of our news and what we’re up to, but also partly to keep us in your mind.

Yes – I am reflecting on what exactly we’re doing here. We treat our things with such a high priority that sometimes we even get confused. Keeping things under lock and key, away from the light and hidden in our lives.  We don’t have space. We don’t have the time to enjoy so much of what we have.  There’s also the view that we have to keep things for our children and their homes as we sometimes downsize our own homes.

Then there’s the requirement to clear our another house quickly for some reason, maybe it’s been sold or let why you move away to gather yet more possessions somewhere else.  Are we a service company, a logistics operation, a helping hand, an expensive hindrance.  My own view is that more than anything we should be a caretaker of our possessions and I use the word ‘our’ on purpose, because when you store with us, your possessions become part of our possessions in the literal sense and we’re the ones that you have trusted to look after them.

Historically, you can look back at how people people treated their possessions and there was far more seasonality to life, the summer garden furniture would come our, or the library would be annually dusted, a change of clothes was obligatory and possessions were put away for a future use due to their scarcity or expense.  The same still rings true by and large, we care, and we look after and we take your possessions into our trust.

Of course you can have them back at any point, but that’s not the point – we’re here as a service company and recently, writing these Articles designed to inform or in reality keep us in your minds eye, because we want you to know more than anything else, your possessions are safe with us.  You can find out more on our Personal Storage Page.