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Self Storage Units in Wincanton

Posted on May 9, 2017 by Henry

Top 10 Self Storage Units in Wincanton

  1. StorageBase – Actually they are based in Frome or Bath – Not Wincanton
  2. Sparkford Storage – hmmm no that’s 15 miles away
  3. Whiteball Storage advertise in Wincanton – but they are in Taunton.
  4. Barn Store are in a Barn just outside Shaftesbury
  5. Beehive are in Blandford
  6. Sandys and Langham are in Gillingham

Shall I complete the list?

  1. Somerset Storage are in Glastonbury
  2. Lock and Load are in Yeovil
  3. And the nearest BigYellow is in Poole
Source: Google

So, what is my point… Firstly it is about how big companies advertise… For sure we want you guys reading this to think of us for your Storage, but more than that we don’t want you to travel half way across the country when there is probably a perfectly good local place near you.  Why do people that live in Wincanton have to go Bristol for their storage needs.  We’re here!

Second – come on Google – we’re in Wincanton – why are you not directing people towards our services in Wincanton for the people of Wincanton.  I know the mysteries of Google are great and we all feel that, but if I cannot find a storage company that is actually located where I live – then what hope do I have if I want a Pizza, or to see a film, am I going to have to travel half way across southern England just because Googles says that is my nearest result.

Now, onto Self Storage Units, call us old fashioned, but we’ve been around a long time and we know a little about about what we do, we hope we do it well and with a smile – truly we do. But what is self storage and surely we do that and more.  We have storage units, we just call them storage containers, we collect and deliver possessions from and to their owners, there’s no need for you to even visit our warehouses, but you can if you want to… we are completely flexible, state a time or just turn up, the door will always be open to our client.  Unlike these new entrants on the stage where the door is firmly locked until you present the right credentials – more numbers to remember.

But it’s more than that – we’re personal, our self storage units are run by local people, some of whom you will find in the pub in Wincanton, we’re not going to destroy or throw your possessions away if you don’t pay – we’e going to talk to you, we’re not going to block your access if you haven’t paid, or stitch you up in extra fees and costs because you’re in trouble.

Think of us like a Petrol Station – sure you can put your own fuel in, but there is an attendant there to help if needed, our self storage units are better than self storage units, ours come with people and with that comes knowledge, politeness and friendliness.

Now come on Google – sort this out and provide a better service for your customers looking for self storage units in Wincanton.