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Business Storage in Dorset

Business Storage in Dorset

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Business Storage in Dorset

InStore Business provides every kind of storage service needed by commercial and corporate clients, including large multi-nationals and small, independent businesses. As part of the Master Removers Group, we’re able to offer brilliant cost savings and have access to a network of expertise that stretches across the UK and beyond.

Should you need storage at the same time as an office relocation, we can take on both tasks with an efficiency that would simply not be possible if two different companies were involved. Everything you store with us is kept safe and secure until you need it, so even if you just need to shift some items off-site for a fixed period of time, we’re here to get it done.

There’s nothing we can’t take care of, including all the most precious office items that need climate-controlled environments in order not to come to harm. From pot plants (which we can maintain for you!) to large items of furniture, we’ll pack it up appropriately and keep it ultra-safe. We use custom-made packaging and our units are safer than houses, with the following in place:- 

  • Fully-test alarm systems and a constantly-guarded access point
  • CCTV 24 hours a day and state-of-the-art security systems
  • Environments that are fireproof, dry, safe and clean

 We use a fool-proof inventory system so that retrieval is straightforward, and our facilities are properly managed and looked after. Getting everything back just when you need it is easy. We have storage advisors who are ready to guide you toward the right kind of storage for you. Just contact us and we’ll help immediately.

Although we’re well into the digital era, it’s rare for any business to be entirely paper-free. With inStore, you can move paper records and documents off-site and place them in the care of our business archive storage service. Why let valuable office space be taken up by bulky filing cabinets when you could keep it all with us? We have a streamlined service that can look after accounts, invoices, receipts and every other kind of business document and our system makes retrieval fast and easy.