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A one-stop solution for removals and all removals-related requirements (e.g. storage facilities), inStore Removals can move as little as one item of furniture and as much as a ten-bedroom house. There’s simply no removals job we can’t do. If you’ve been looking for a removals company, Dorset may have overwhelmed you with its many options. But only inStore Removals is part of the Master Removers Group, the national and international name that guarantees you world-class service, regardless of the size or budget of your job. Because we’re under the Master Removers banner, we have access to a network of expertise that stretches across the country and then the globe. It’s hard to find a removals company in Gillingham (or a removals company in Shaftesbury) that can offer you the same degree of quality control and professionalism.

Better yet, well tailor our approach to your precise needs rather than slapping a once-size-fits-all solution on you. We can pack everything up, using professional, durable materials, or supply you with everything you need to do it yourself. Competitive insurance cover will be put in place and our moving teams will draw up a thorough inventory to keep track of everything, so that no item goes astray.

Your inStore Removals experience can begin with just a phone call. If your job is more extensive, we can visit to make an assessment before issuing you with a full quotation. From the moment we’re responsible for your move, we’ll treat every last thing you own with the kind of care and consideration we’d lavish on our own belongings. No detail is left to chance, so that everything arrives at your new home (or in our storage facilities) in the same condition in which it left.

An InStore removal means peace of mind, no stress, no hassle. We’re fast at assessing the needs of your move and we’ll deliver a competitive price package that compares favourably with other companies. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. Time and again, words like ‘quality’, ‘fantastic’, and ‘brilliant’ recur, with one happy client after another thanking us for helping them move house without the stress and unforeseen expense that arises when you’re in lesser hands.

Our additional services, including inStore Business and inStore Specialist, are all designed to dovetail with each other, so should your removals job require them, they can be seamlessly woven into a complete one-stop package for you. The Master Removers Group includes other notable companies, including Anthony Ward Thomas and Johnsons of Shaftesbury, working together to make removals better than they’ve ever been before.