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Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Henry

Skiing Gear and Ski Storage

The half term clear out has been and gone, If you flew out to the slopes skiing last half term and dragged out your ski’s from the loft. I feel your pain… While the skiing is cracking fun the loft where your ski’s have hidden is not.

We all know the pain when we get the step-ladder out and the daunting prospect of trying to find your skiing gear that always seems to be hiding behind everything you don’t need. Clambering over things to work out where in the hell you last placed them. Don’t worry we down at inStore can help you, whether you just want to get around your loft, home, garage a bit better or you want to keep a plane somewhere safe, anything and everything under the sun we can probably offer storage for.

Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear and Equipment from inStore
Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

Specialist Ski Storage for Skiing Gear

We offer a safe and protected area for your gear, where it’s ski storage, skiing or snowboarding gear, sailing equipment, golf equipment you name it we can store it, with easy access we can look after your gear for a small price. We have lots of different people coming in with odd things to store, so don’t worry we have had it all!

What we do

Service – above all else we want to be a Storage company where our customers can store anything they like safely and have access when ever they like. We even have a Client Instruction form on our website allowing our customers to make requests any time they like.  People want easy specialist storage and no matter what they plan to store – we should be able to provide that service.

Get in touch if you are interested in our secure specialist storage for any sporting equipment you might have.  We would love to hear from you. Or if you prefer leave a comment on our Blog – your views of our services are valuable to us.