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Specialist Storage for Sports Kit

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Henry
extreme sports storage solutions
Extreme Sports Storage Solutions

For thousands of people in Dorset every week, sport is a massively important part of their lives, not just a hobby. It’s an excellent way to exercise and socialise with people for team games or as part of a community. Even for solo sports, you get the chance to chat with peers in between sessions and the organisers.  We’re hopefully heading towards fewer restrictions, making it easier to take part and have spectators.

While we don’t take part in Extreme Sports, some of our specialist storage customers genuinely are.  And they really impress us.  On the one hand, we do a lot of lifting, loading, unloading, and moving of heavy furniture or piano’s our lads are fit and highly active, but that is a different sort of fitness required for some of the sports our customers get up to.

Extreme Sports Specialist Storage –

For the brave ones who venture into niche sports, specialist storage is useful necessary. Mountaineering kits, flying kit, motoring kit, you name it, we have stored it at some point. Often, it’s a challenge as aeroplanes are, in fact, oddly shaped, but we also store sports kits for clubs and societies active in the sport.  Mountain climbing clubs, for example – we’re only a short distance from Cheddar Gorge.

Whatever you need – we can cater for it.  Para-motoring, hand-gliding, surfing, bicycling, we can probably store your equipment for an insignificant amount in the grand scheme of things, assuming you take your motorbike out on holiday. The rest of the year, we can store it for you, all at affordable rates and with the additional benefit of more space at home.

Most companies will state things like limitations and the like when they receive an inquiry that entails awkward equipment. Wherever possible, we aim to provide a flexible service where tricky items aren’t an issue. We’ll go through your requirements and hone-in on any specific aspects. Then we’ll give you a free quote and suggestion for a storage package.

Storage for All Your Sporting Needs –

When it comes to using storage, it’s not just the X-Games and high-octane types of sporting endeavours we’re talking about. Instore Storage works with people from all mediums of sports. This includes football teams who have full kits to archers who need somewhere for their equipment, to name a couple of examples. But that’s by no means a complete list.

If you have a large garage at home, it might serve the purpose of your storage requirements, and you needn’t worry about it. The trouble is things can become cramped at home, and people get cross when there are things in the way. The solution is to use storage and create more space, rather than bickering or tripping over your team’s kitbag. Plus, you’ll have access whenever you need it during business hours.

For teams or sports clubs, you can divide the overall costs which keeps things affordable. Keep for as long as you need – there’s no minimum storage contract. We have long-term customers who understand the convenience. Many of them store other items because of the additional space at home and to keep everything in one place. And that’s not to mention the high standard of security we offer.

What We Offer – Excellent Customer Service –

At Instore Storage, we often discuss why people inquire about self storage and what’s important to them. The answer is straightforward, and that’s good customer service. Above all else, people want us to be a storage company that is able to store their items safely. They want to retrieve them with minimal fuss and without any damage occurring.

We even have a Client Contact form on our website, allowing our customers to make requests any time they like.  People want easy specialist storage, and no matter what they plan to store – we will be flexible and accommodate their individual requirements. Moreover, we’ll provide a free quote that lists our suggestions for the most suitable and cost-effective storage package.

Instore has a Quality Policy that provides accountability and the highest standard of customer service. It’s all about setting the bar high and consistency where excellence is the expectation. You have an assurance that only experts are handling your possessions at all times. And you can read previous ratings here to check on our performance.

Affordable and Flexible Self Storage Packages –

Instore Storage has a range of storage services available, and we can adapt them to fit a specific need or object. There’s our Personal Storage package for households in Dorset, and the price starts from £14 per week for a storage unit. Regarding the volume of things you can store, each unit can hold the equivalent of an apartment’s worth of items.

Our Business Storage service caters to companies of all sizes and is ideal for sporting goods businesses. There’s unlimited access during opening times and assistance with unpacking and loading. Each storage unit has climate controls to keep everything in perfect condition. If you need a collection, we can arrange this with our Removals service.

The final point we’ll cover is the comprehensive security measures that we have in place. There’s CCTV coverage that runs 24/7 and reaches every area of our branch. Nothing goes in and out without permission and checks, removing any issues with theft or breakages. And we install individual locks on all storage units, giving you the ultimate level of protection for your sports gear.

Instore Storage – Unbeatable Sports Equipment Storage –

If you’re a keen outdoor type who loves sport, get in touch, and we’ll go through our storage options. We have secure specialist storage for any sporting equipment you might have.  If you have any queries, we would love to hear from you directly or if you prefer, you can leave a comment on this blog. Your views of our services are valuable and help us continue to provide excellent customer service.

We value feedback and would love to hear about the sports you’re involved in. If you’re looking for a quotation – we’ll provide a free one with no obligation to book anything until you’re happy. Don’t worry if you’re too busy to drop it off – we can collect everything from your house or workplace. And Instore is an all-in-one company, so there’s no need to shop around.

It’s time to make some space at home and store your sport’s equipment or kit with us. Click here, and we’ll begin the process and send you a free quote.