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Storage for Business

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Henry

Storage for business is a big part of our warehouse, with a lot of companies storing their items with us all year around. We provide all manner of different business requirements at our warehouses, whether its something completely different. We are here to help.

What we do

inStore will attend your offices, either during the week or even over the weekend whichever suits : We will pack up everything down to the last drawing pin, hefting and carrying as part of a methodical, managed operation; deposit it in consignments into storage and/or its correct destination exactly as designated ; and provide you with a detailed Inventory Report for your retention.

You, the Client, can have any level of input you wish for: from micro-management to leaving the entire exercise to us to fulfil precisely to programme.

People we work with

storage for business
Pop Up Hotel

Small businesses like Pop up Hotel for festivals and events which need to store their tents and teepee equipment for set-up. This client runs everything from private events and parties to fully blown festivals, creating a ‘glamping’ experience like no other. Pop up also takes an office in the our building where we co-manage their logistical operations.

storage for business
Pink House Mustique

Pink House Mustique is another. A high-end clothing company that we accept deliveries of that come in from the US to be sorted and packed awaiting fulfilment or further shipping. Pink House Mustique has been working with us to create a strong trust across product creation to the detailed satisfaction of the customer when it arrives on their door step, we are a central part of their operation.

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