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Create More Space After the Festive Season with Self Storage

Posted on January 18, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Storage is key to Airbnb 

It’s almost impossible to come away from the Christmas period without having accumulated yet more stuff. Even after the the diminished celebrations caused by the covid pandemic, there’ll have been mounds of gifts, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, trinkets and the kind of tin or plastic toys that fall out of crackers. As we try to squeeze even more space out of our cupboards, attics and basements, it’s enough to make us yearn for the time in our early twenties when we weren’t quite so weighed down by acquisitions. If you’re beginning to drown in an excess of stuff but you’re not ready just to start throwing things away with a ruthless and unsentimental determination, then there’s only one thing for it – self storage. Read more…