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Fathers Day – Garage Clean Out

Posted on June 18, 2017 by Henry

I’ll start by encouraging you to call us with that Attic or Garage clean out you’ve been meaning to do.  Get a 10% Fathers Day discount on your first 3 months and we’ll come and put all your stuff into Storage.

But for all you Fathers out there – here’s what you can do after you’ve cleaned the garage out.

  1. Sit down and relax with a beer – that first sip of pure nectar is beautiful when you’ve worked up a bit of a sweat
  2. Re-discover the BBQ – it’s bound to be in there under all the winter junk and skateboards that you’ve been collecting
  3. Ping Pong table – you might actually be able to use it now that there’s some space cleared
  4. Tool sort out – if you’re like me – you have lots or tools that you never knew you had – they should be arranged conveniently on that wall thingy people have
  5. Boats and Water Toys – for some reason we all keep ancient life jackets and rotter flippers – we just do, is it time to use them or to throw them.
  6. Re-discovery your hobbies with a clear space you really might be able to start that Hot Air Balloon project that you were going to do when you were a boy.
  7. Fixed and working bikes are so much more satisfying when they really are fixed and working and being used.
  8. Sit down and have a second beer, I mean you’ve done the work
  9. Time with the kids – they need to get up, out of their rooms and what better way to get to know than when they are being useful and busy. You can’t tell them off  when they are helping.
  10. Keeping the wife happy – no one willingly clears out their Garage, but we Fathers do have a habit of doing what we are told eventually.
  11. (and then make that call to inStore – your friendly local storage people, never knowingly undersold – and we can come and pick up all that’s left and for just a tenner a week we can store it all away from the house.

Happy Fathers Day and please do take us up on our offer of 10% off (offers ends 30th June) to anyone who does their garage clean out.