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Specialist Storage for Sports Kit

Posted on February 2, 2017 by Henry
extreme sports storage solutions
Extreme Sports Storage Solutions

We aren’t mad on Extreme Sports, but some of our specialist storage customers truly are.  And they really impress us.  On the one hand we do a lot of lifting, loading, unloading and moving of heavy furniture or piano’s our lads are fit and very active, but that is a different sort of fitness required for some of the sports our customers get up to.

Extreme Sports Specialist Storage

Specialist storage is useful for them.  Mountaineering kits, flying kit, motoring kit, you name it, we have stored it at some point. Often it is a challenge as Aeroplanes are in fact oddly shaped, but we also store sports kit for clubs and societies active in the sport.  Mountain climbing clubs for example – we’re only a short distance from Cheddar Gorge.

Whatever you need – we probably can cater for it.  Para-motoring, Hand-gliding, Surfing, Bicycling, we can probably store your equipment for an insignificant amount in the grand scheme of  things, assuming you take your Motorbike out on holiday – the rest of the year we can store it for just a few pounds.

Specialist Storage Solutions
Specialist Storage Solutions

What we offer

I think the answer to this is simple. Service – above all else we want to be a Storage company where our customers can  store anything they like safely and in a way that they can get to it any time they like.  We even have a Client Instruction form on our website allowing our customers to make requests any time they like.  People want easy specialist storage and no matter what they plan to store – we should be able to provide that service.

Get in touch if you are interested in our secure specialist storage for any sporting equipment you might have.  We would love to hear from you. Or if you prefer leave a comment on our Blog – your views of our services are valuable to us.