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How to Declutter Your Business: What to Store and What to Throw Away

Posted on January 11, 2022 by Henry

Although spring is the perfect time to give your business a bit of a clean and declutter, you don’t have to wait. It’s perfectly acceptable, and a great idea, to do it at regular intervals throughout the year. It’s always amazing how much paraphernalia accumulates over the year, and it is worth taking a small amount of time at the end of each day to get your decluttering done and dusted.

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Our Storage Services at inStore

Posted on October 12, 2021 by Henry

At Instore Storage, we like to provide our customers and followers with real-world examples of how storage applies to various situations. That’s because we want to be informative and give some context about how it benefits people. Online blogs are sometimes slightly vague and miss the most important aspect of highlighting how to apply storage.

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Cardboard Boxes – Where to get them and what to do with them after a move

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Henry

Packing up the house in time for a move is always an arduous task. Where do you start? As well as offering professional removal service, inStore can also advise and assist you through the process moving house by yourself.

Acquiring boxes
There are many ways of finding free boxes online, such as on freecycle, however second-hand boxes are not always good quality which increases the risk of damaging your possessions not only during transit but while they are being stacked as well. It is important when buying boxes that they are, at a minimum, double wall cardboard which gives them the strength and durability to put your mind at ease when transporting your possessions. inStore offer a range of new cardboard boxes which you can purchase. Click here to get in contact and let us help you move house with confidence.

What to do with the boxes once you’ve finished
Donate: We suggest that you allow a realistic amount of time to get rid of all your rubbish at the end of a move. Consider donating your boxes to friends or neighbours who might be moving out or alternatively, put them on freecycle. This global network of people is a great way of keeping your cardboard out of a landfill site- and there are always people in need of boxes!

Sell: If your boxes are in particularly good condition, you can sell them on. Putting up an advert in your local shop or noticeboard is a great way to end up selling your boxes to a good cause.

Recycle: If you don’t wish to give away or sell your boxes, recycling is the best option. If you live next to a tip or a recycle factory, it is a quick way to get rid of all that cardboard.

Need storage in Mere – Spring is here

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Henry

Storage in Mere

Spring is here in Mere (nearly) and as the morning frost has its last word the sun starts to take its place. There is something about spring and the sunny mornings and evening on the horizon that makes me want to have a spring clear out ready for what summer has to bring.

Our main warehouse in Mere, Wiltshire just off the A-303 offers the perfect place to stash your spring clear out items, whether you have a small bungalow or a gigantic office, we all need our space to think. That is where we come in.


Residential, Specialist, Removals, Commercial, Business, Relocation


We can secure insurance on any item stored with us, we wrap & pack, fetch & carry, store & more – all on demand.

inStore started in Wincanton as a family venture combining practical skills and experience with traditional values. Our work ethic is focused exclusively towards you, the customer. And our mission is to create a calm, stress-free, experience for every customer, every time so that you keep on coming back. inStore takes the load, literally.


Mere is a small town, It lies at the extreme southwestern tip of the Salisbury Plain, close to the borders of Somerset and Dorset. The A-303 truck road passed through Mere until a bypass was built on the northern edge of the town in 1976. There is an old market square (although markets have not been held for several years), a chiming town clock and large 15th-century parish church.

The steep slope of Castle Hill rises from the northwestern side of Mere. Local industry and commerce includes the Hill Brush company which was based next door to our warehouse, but has very recently moved to the outskirts on the other side of Mere having build a brand new factory.



Storage Facilities in Mere, Wiltshire, UK
Painting, Chris Lee

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Less is more at inStore’s Storage near Shaftesbury Depot

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Henry

Storage Near Shaftesbury

How can it be – it’s mans greatest passion is collecting things… from all over and in every format we’ve collected throughout history and in today’s modern world it is no different, we delight in it, from excess garden furniture to piled high garages and attics. Our depot for storage near Shaftesbury is no exception and although we are not personally doing the collecting – we are full to capacity with other peoples collections and it is fascinating in it’s own way.

Don’t worry, dear customers, I am not going to divulge any examples or judgements about what we store or why or how, other than to say we are open for business – delighted in your company and serious about your privacy and concerns.

Less is more.

attic clearance
Attic Clearance

People have in the past asked ‘why Storage’ and more pertinently ‘why storage near Shaftesbury’ of all places.  It’s a good question and the answer lies in how we as a society deal with our possessions, we are intensely addicted to collecting and no matter how much we throw away (and there’s far to much of that going on) – we still seem to put great value on our possessions and our families possessions.  The psychology of the way our society has built up it’s possessions is a topic I hope to return to frequently as I write more and more on this News section of our website.

Be it clearing out a close relative’s house following bereavement, or an attic or a garage clearance – be it in London, Mars or just near Shaftesbury – it’s life as we know.  These things need to happen and we’re here to help the local area for storage near Shaftesbury.

For us at inStore – we understand storage and why people use it, like it and appreciate it and our aim is to make it as friendly, professional and as secure and safe as we can.

Declutter Tips Guide 2017

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Henry


The inStore Declutter Tips Guide 2017

As we enter the new year, jumping in with full gusto, we like to think that our lives might be a bit clearer, a bit more open to what the new year can bring us. Whether that’s a new job, new house, new person or even just a new mower your thinking about buying, but have no room in the garage. Here at inStore we’re going to give some pointers (or you could say friendly guidance) in the direction of a new you for a new year. This new you will be the ‘Decluttered’ you. To declutter or not to declutter, that is the question! If your antique furniture is clogging up your garage so Granny’s old table is blocking the door and you have a whole room just to store the paintings you can’t fit on the walls then it’s time to start decluttering now!

  1. Why not try ‘The Oprah Winfrey wardrobe Hanger Test’
    This experiment in which Oprah Winfrey has said to have invented is a way of working out what you do and don’t wear in your wardrobe, the trick is to hang everything with the hangers facing one direction, then when you come to use an item you put it back by turning around the hanger the other way, as weeks go on you start to see what you really don’t wear and can give it to a charity shop.
  2. The ask yourself the ‘how much its worth’ question
    Scientist has found that you can better declutter by asking creative questions like ‘how much would I pay for this?’ this helps to really know if you have an undying love for your item or whether its just charitable goods.
  3. The inStore trick
    Here at inStore we think the best way to declutter your life is to keep those ever important things, throwing them away is rather bad for the conscious and the environment, so why not keep your beloved children’s school paintings, or your parents hand-me- down crockery in our well equipped warehouse.

New Year Resolutions

Posted on January 12, 2017 by Henry


inStore’s New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year again, we have all made our New Year Resolutions and we are sticking to them … aren’t we?

One of the most popular resolutions has to be the – ‘I must join the gym this year’ resolution. However we all know the likelihood of those resolutely muttered words coming to fruition.

The other big resolution is the ‘I’m going to stop eating any chocolate, even on top of tiny biscuits’ one. Now I have always thought that this one in particular is a tricky little critter to follow through – with Easter on the horizon like an evil Easter-bunny flaunting his basket.

Last but not least, is the crown and glory resolution of – ‘I have got to clear out all the clutter of my life!’ This one normally relates to the daunting thought of all that stuff that is clogging up the spare room, or the loft that’s bursting with family items that you can’t part with, or the space under your bed that’s screaming for fresh air. As we approach the spring cleaning period at this time of year, why not let us help you help yourself. You don’t have to get rid of anything! You can store belongings that are taking up needed space in your home (not for good, for safe keeping) and you can have a clearer home. Clearer home – cleaner mind. At least until next year when you somehow manage to accumulate nearly the same amount of stuff all over again. If so, we will still be here to help you.


Take a minimalist approach to your life this year, clear your things, clear your mind and order your life – with help from us at inStore. We may not be able to force you through those gym doors, or take that tempting easter egg out of your mitts but we can help you with all your storage needs!

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