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DIY Storage – Pros and Cons

Posted on September 10, 2021 by Henry

When we think about how we store things, the default position is to keep everything at home or in the office, where we have dedicated rooms or spaces. The problem with this begins when space runs out, and we start cramming things on top of wardrobes and under beds. For a workplace, change this to a back office or buying more filing cabinets.

Before you know it, you don’t have anywhere else for things to go. Not only that, you’ve lost a number of rooms in the process, and it starts to become a major problem, specifically for businesses where compliance and spacing regulations are strict. That’s why it’s important to consider how you’re currently storing things and whether it’s the best choice to do it yourself.

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Top Tips – Swapping Winter Storage for Spring

Posted on January 14, 2018 by Henry

Spring is on its way – it’s time to start thinking about swapping your storage! Using self-storage to store items not in-season helps free up space in your house as well as helping give you that spring feeling and a fresh start to the season. Here are a few tips to make swapping your spring items out of storage.

Make a list of winter items which you would like to store

Go through and sort out exactly what you want to be putting into storage over the summer season. Christmas decorations and snow gear is a good place to start before moving on to less obvious contenders. Perhaps you have some thick blankets and winter duvets which will take up a large amount of space in your cupboards at home? Keep this list as it will come in useful when you swap back your storage in the autumn.

Sort out your Wardrobe

In the UK, where we can experience all four seasons in a single day, its very easy to be short of space in your wardrobe and this is when self- storage is perfect. Make sure that you properly clean any clothes, polish any boots before storing them over the summer. Go through and make sure that there aren’t any clothes that you could get rid of or donate instead of just throwing them into storage.

Work out what you want to take out of storage

It is very helpful to have a list of what you have put into storage so you can work out exactly what items you want to take out again without having to go to your storage unit and rifle around! Sports gear, bicycles and children’s toys might be top of your list but don’t forget other items such as gardening equipment. It is much better to make sure that you have everything that you need the first time round so that you don’t have to keep coming back to retrieve you belongings from storage.

Spring cleaning 

Take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning in your storage space, you’ll be very glad of this come autumn.

Take a look at our flexible storage solutions here.

Cardboard Boxes – Where to get them and what to do with them after a move

Posted on November 20, 2017 by Henry

Packing up the house in time for a move is always an arduous task. Where do you start? As well as offering professional removal service, inStore can also advise and assist you through the process moving house by yourself.

Acquiring boxes
There are many ways of finding free boxes online, such as on freecycle, however second-hand boxes are not always good quality which increases the risk of damaging your possessions not only during transit but while they are being stacked as well. It is important when buying boxes that they are, at a minimum, double wall cardboard which gives them the strength and durability to put your mind at ease when transporting your possessions. inStore offer a range of new cardboard boxes which you can purchase. Click here to get in contact and let us help you move house with confidence.

What to do with the boxes once you’ve finished
Donate: We suggest that you allow a realistic amount of time to get rid of all your rubbish at the end of a move. Consider donating your boxes to friends or neighbours who might be moving out or alternatively, put them on freecycle. This global network of people is a great way of keeping your cardboard out of a landfill site- and there are always people in need of boxes!

Sell: If your boxes are in particularly good condition, you can sell them on. Putting up an advert in your local shop or noticeboard is a great way to end up selling your boxes to a good cause.

Recycle: If you don’t wish to give away or sell your boxes, recycling is the best option. If you live next to a tip or a recycle factory, it is a quick way to get rid of all that cardboard.

Top Tips – Keeping Neighbours Happy When Moving In

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Henry

Moving into a new area will generally involve getting to know your neighbours, and while you may feel like you don’t have the time, it is worth making an effort to introduce yourself to those around you and will help you settle in to your new neighbourhood. Our advice is to take the time to visit those next-door to you and say a friendly hello – and you might even get a nice cup of tea!

Housewarming party
If you are moving into an area in which you already have some friends or family not too far away, you may be thinking of hosting a housewarming event to introduce everyone to your new home. Be aware of noise and let your neighbours know in advance -perhaps even consider inviting your neighbours for a drink to get to know them a little better.

Parking disputes are always a good way to get off on the wrong foot with your neighbours, so make sure that you don’t accidentally block other people’s access to their homes (not only with cars but with children’s bikes etc) and if your unsure as to whether you might be able to park in a particular space or not there is no harm in asking!

Get involved in the community
There is always something that you can get involved with to help you feel more part of the community and let others know that you are willing to make an effort to join in and contribute. This might be something as simple as volunteering once a week at a local institution but it makes a big difference to helping you feel at home and letting others know you want to help.

Temporary Storage – while looking to buy

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Henry

Congratulations, you have sold and hopefully sold well… but do you now need temporary storage, as you have not quite managed to find the perfect house to move into yet, instead you are looking for some temporary storage for your personal belongings.

Well, look no further, for we are the people you need.  A small, local, personal, friendly and yet professional team of dedicated professional keen to impress, always smiling and with enough strong arms to lift a grand piano, okay be gentle on us, but you get the message.  We’re open for business.

When you have successfully sold a house and you’re not quite ready for the new one, temporary storage is a must, you need somewhere dry, safe, secure and accessible, Self Storage is all the rage these days, but that means organising your own transport, your friends to help, or worse breakages during the move, far better to get the professionals in who will do the job cleanly, calmly and professionally.

Our process is simple. request a Quote and we’ll ask a few question about who much you need to store, then if you wish we can organise a site visit and someone from our team will come to you and go through what needs moving.  Arrange times and finalise the Estimate.

We do all that is asked of us, and at the time you asked.  And great your personal possessions are all safely in storage. Later when you buy your house or are ready to move in, a quick call and we’re on our way, flexible to the last we understand delays and can accommodate your needs.

Our service is designed from the outset to be cost-effective, we will match other quotes if necessary, easy, flexible and friendly.  Give us a call on 01963 616161 or just get a quote.

Guide to Student Storage in Wiltshire for Summer Break

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Henry

Ok, summers here, schools out and it’s time to go home and get your laundry done and eat from your parents fridge and breath out. Your future is bright and abundant. Perhaps you have a work lined up. But there’s one more job you have to do. Clear out your stuff from your university digs. DON’T PANIC! Read this guide to student storage in Wiltshire and get it done in a weekend (or a day if you power through like when you did those assignments). Start like this: Catagorise your stuff, make 3 area’s/piles

Chuck It

If it’s broken, chuck it. It’s you can’t think of any use for it. Chuck it. Loads of papers that feel stressful to store, Chuck it. Recycle if you can for your conscious but don’t store crap you don’t need. Enjoy being ruthless. Then Chuck it out. Make Space to make progress.

Charity It

Books your will not re-read, clothes that you don’t see yourself wearing again. un-necessary and working gadgets. All good stuff for someone else. Drop the lot off at a charity shop and feel good about yourself. if you donate to Oxfam you can attach your nectar card and gain points when they sell. Bonus! Once ready take it to the charity shop. Make space to make progress.

Box It

What’s left goes in a box. Does it look like a lot? Never mind, once its in a box it’s sorted. Instore can provide you will all the packing material you need. Boxes, wrap, tape Etc.  The rule about packing is: If you see it. Put it in a box. Stick to that and you will make progress. Remember the bottom of the box needs to remain strong. When boxing imagine that are not going to open these again until some time so don’t stress too much about categorising them very well. Unpacking is always faster than packing.

Now you should have neat manageable pile of your stuff.

Feel pleased with yourself

Clean Up

Hover the place, give it wipe. You don’t have to be immaculate the landlord should thoroughly clean it before the next lot comes in. this puts you in good stead for a reference and its worth it. Tell the landlord about any stuff that needs fixing or wasn’t quite right.

Our instore Boys will pick this up, take away your trouble and you know it’s safe secure ready for the next adventure. Problem solved and sorted.

We hope you found this guide to student storage in Wiltshire useful. Now enjoy your summer.




Fathers Day – Garage Clean Out

Posted on June 18, 2017 by Henry

I’ll start by encouraging you to call us with that Attic or Garage clean out you’ve been meaning to do.  Get a 10% Fathers Day discount on your first 3 months and we’ll come and put all your stuff into Storage.

But for all you Fathers out there – here’s what you can do after you’ve cleaned the garage out.

  1. Sit down and relax with a beer – that first sip of pure nectar is beautiful when you’ve worked up a bit of a sweat
  2. Re-discover the BBQ – it’s bound to be in there under all the winter junk and skateboards that you’ve been collecting
  3. Ping Pong table – you might actually be able to use it now that there’s some space cleared
  4. Tool sort out – if you’re like me – you have lots or tools that you never knew you had – they should be arranged conveniently on that wall thingy people have
  5. Boats and Water Toys – for some reason we all keep ancient life jackets and rotter flippers – we just do, is it time to use them or to throw them.
  6. Re-discovery your hobbies with a clear space you really might be able to start that Hot Air Balloon project that you were going to do when you were a boy.
  7. Fixed and working bikes are so much more satisfying when they really are fixed and working and being used.
  8. Sit down and have a second beer, I mean you’ve done the work
  9. Time with the kids – they need to get up, out of their rooms and what better way to get to know than when they are being useful and busy. You can’t tell them off  when they are helping.
  10. Keeping the wife happy – no one willingly clears out their Garage, but we Fathers do have a habit of doing what we are told eventually.
  11. (and then make that call to inStore – your friendly local storage people, never knowingly undersold – and we can come and pick up all that’s left and for just a tenner a week we can store it all away from the house.

Happy Fathers Day and please do take us up on our offer of 10% off (offers ends 30th June) to anyone who does their garage clean out.