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Less is more at inStore’s Storage near Shaftesbury Depot

Posted on February 16, 2017 by Henry

Storage Near Shaftesbury

How can it be – it’s mans greatest passion is collecting things… from all over and in every format we’ve collected throughout history and in today’s modern world it is no different, we delight in it, from excess garden furniture to piled high garages and attics. Our depot for storage near Shaftesbury is no exception and although we are not personally doing the collecting – we are full to capacity with other peoples collections and it is fascinating in it’s own way.

Don’t worry, dear customers, I am not going to divulge any examples or judgements about what we store or why or how, other than to say we are open for business – delighted in your company and serious about your privacy and concerns.

Less is more.

attic clearance
Attic Clearance

People have in the past asked ‘why Storage’ and more pertinently ‘why storage near Shaftesbury’ of all places.  It’s a good question and the answer lies in how we as a society deal with our possessions, we are intensely addicted to collecting and no matter how much we throw away (and there’s far to much of that going on) – we still seem to put great value on our possessions and our families possessions.  The psychology of the way our society has built up it’s possessions is a topic I hope to return to frequently as I write more and more on this News section of our website.

Be it clearing out a close relative’s house following bereavement, or an attic or a garage clearance – be it in London, Mars or just near Shaftesbury – it’s life as we know.  These things need to happen and we’re here to help the local area for storage near Shaftesbury.

For us at inStore – we understand storage and why people use it, like it and appreciate it and our aim is to make it as friendly, professional and as secure and safe as we can.