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Temporary Storage – while looking to buy

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Henry

Congratulations, you have sold and hopefully sold well… but do you now need temporary storage, as you have not quite managed to find the perfect house to move into yet, instead you are looking for some temporary storage for your personal belongings.

Well, look no further, for we are the people you need.  A small, local, personal, friendly and yet professional team of dedicated professional keen to impress, always smiling and with enough strong arms to lift a grand piano, okay be gentle on us, but you get the message.  We’re open for business.

When you have successfully sold a house and you’re not quite ready for the new one, temporary storage is a must, you need somewhere dry, safe, secure and accessible, Self Storage is all the rage these days, but that means organising your own transport, your friends to help, or worse breakages during the move, far better to get the professionals in who will do the job cleanly, calmly and professionally.

Our process is simple. request a Quote and we’ll ask a few question about who much you need to store, then if you wish we can organise a site visit and someone from our team will come to you and go through what needs moving.  Arrange times and finalise the Estimate.

We do all that is asked of us, and at the time you asked.  And great your personal possessions are all safely in storage. Later when you buy your house or are ready to move in, a quick call and we’re on our way, flexible to the last we understand delays and can accommodate your needs.

Our service is designed from the outset to be cost-effective, we will match other quotes if necessary, easy, flexible and friendly.  Give us a call on 01963 616161 or just get a quote.