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Storing your mementos this Valentines

Posted on February 9, 2017 by Henry

Storing your mementos this Valentines

As Valentine’s is approaching, here at inStore we are thinking back to all the amazing things we have helped people store. Aside from all the crazy things we have in our warehouse lots being artwork and one being a plane!  The most heart warming is the sentimental ones. Boxes upon boxes of family photos that people want to keep safe or priceless heirlooms that need to be looked after. Storing your mementos this Valentines couldn’t be more easy.

Running out of space at home after Christmas and having mice in one part of the loft I had to keep some stuff hanging around waiting to be taken to the warehouse, one of our beautiful vases was knocked off the side board by the cleaner because she was reaching over all the boxes. This triggered me to writing this post because it got me thinking, with valentine’s day cropping up, it’s a time when we all think of our loved ones and the things they give us to treasure. Here at inStore we can treasure your loved ones gifts, so don’t wait around for the moment it falls off the side board, the mice get inside the box and eat your wedding dress or the moment an artist walks into your house picks up a urn and drops it with a blank expression.

All of these things are what people care for most in the world, the sort of things you don’t realise you love until there not there, whether it’s a fire or water damage, we find a lot of our customers don’t like taking the risk with their memories.

Here at inStore we keep your beloved things safe and protected : with dry storage and high end security you can trust us 24/7.

Contact us and we can help you look after the things that really need a safe home,

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