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Techniques for avoiding breakages

Posted on November 11, 2021 by Henry
Techniques for avoiding breakages

It is important for your peace of mind when moving house that you are confident that your possessions will not be damaged during any stage of the moving process. There are many ways to help put your mind at ease and ensure the safety of your belongings. Many are down to some common-sense methods that won’t cost you much upfront and will reduce issues of breakages.

One of the best ways to do this is booking your relocation with reputable moving companies. Instore Storage has decades of experience when it comes to removals and storage. With this comes a wealth of knowledge on handling, packing, and transporting items in the safest manner possible. We’ll go through some of our best advice in this blog to help you avoid damaging your possessions.

Our How-To Guide when Packing for a Move –

While we offer a removals service, we know people might be doing it themselves. Although we do note the benefits of using professionals, it’s vital we help everyone. That’s why we’re passing on some useful tips that cover all angles and take other scenarios into account. The result always improves your chances of a successful relocation, and that’s the ultimate goal for us.

We’ll look at things like packing materials and how to choose wisely before you jump into action. By using an old box, you’re taking an unnecessary risk when it comes to protecting your possessions. You might not consider it, but damp cardboard has no strength and often splits under the slightest pressure. This leads to collapsing boxes and the smashes that comes with it.

You should also take additional care with crockery and glass because of the ease these materials crack or break. We’ll give you pointers on how to pack these items to minimise breakages and damage. Then it’s advice on mirrors, pictures, lamps, and other things. Let’s start with the importance of using study removal’s boxes and containers.

Boxes – How to Avoid Splitting –

Firstly, make sure that you have enough boxes to move house safely. Use double-wall cardboard to ensure that the boxes can hold whatever is in them and try not to pack more than 15kg into one box. Instore Storage offers a range of high-quality cardboard boxes for you to purchase to make your packing stress-free and straightforward.

If you’re thinking about using second-hand options, be cautious before doing so. The problem with sourcing them from the local shop or supermarket is there’s no way of knowing where they were kept. The reality is the boxes are put into a damp backroom or storage cupboard. This then damages the cardboard and makes it weak, leading to collapsing when you add any sort of weight.

Regardless of whether you buy new or use older boxes, make sure they are solid and durable. Also, think carefully about how you pack things and match mass and weight correctly with each box. Even the best materials will break if you overpack them with objects that are too heavy. That’s why it’s better to book your relocation with a professional moving company.

Tips on Packing Crockery and Glassware –

Before you start stuffing things into boxes, take a step back and evaluate what you’re packing. For all your crockery, go from large to small, and pack the plates on their sides, individually wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper, and stack until you have filled the box. Fill in any gaps with scrunched up paper or cloth to act as padding.

Glassware and crockery share the same issue where even the slightest impact can cause a chip or a crack. That’s why it’s crucial that you double wrap all your glass pieces for complete protection. Similarly, only use softer packaging for the glass’s surface to prevent scratches. And each individual item requires separate wrapping and packing. The final consideration is to position each box or container to avoid collisions during transit.

There’s a general rule that you should always apply for relocations. All fragile items need to go into the removal’s van last. It’s the first in, last out method that gives you a little bit more safeguarding for your delicate possessions. That’s because it avoids impact with bulky furniture or appliances, both when unloading and when the van is in motion. And once you arrive, it’s a case of taking these items off first and putting them somewhere safe in your new home.

Protecting Mirrors and Frame Pictures –

Mirrors and picture frames are notoriously tricky to relocate with. One tip is to tape the picture/mirror to avoid the glass shifting out of place and breaking and use a cloth to wrap the outside. Again, ensure the box doesn’t have large gaps, so the picture can’t rattle around. You can secure with by packing with a cloth if there are gaps.

This goes for everything that you’ll be putting in last in the moving van. Label boxes that you are concerned about as “Fragile”. This will help you identify them when unpacking at the other end. Furthermore, it’s essential to make sure the packaging doesn’t cause damage. Some might appear non-stick, but additional heat might cause an adhesive reaction. This is especially problematic for oil paintings or delicate surfaces.

Instore Storage employs experts with superior packing and handling skills. They know what materials are suitable for specific objects and which ones might cause problems. There’s no need for you to learn about this – our team will do all the heavy lifting and assessment work for you. This means your belongings will be safe in our hands.

Packing Lamps and Similar Items –

To pack lamps properly, disassemble them by removing the shade and the lightbulb. Wrap up the base of the lamp with bubble wrap and secure it firmly with packing tape. Make sure the bottom of the box is also secure (this can be done with more tape). Finally, don’t overpack too many lamps or other objects, or the sides or the base of the box will collapse.

You can protect material lampshades with another layer of padding on either side. It’s probably a good idea to keep them in a box with other fragile items to avoid heavy objects when loading and travelling to the new location. Lampshades are easily damaged, so pack inside to maintain their shape and protect them from minor dents.

When you begin assembling the furniture, you can spread your lamps around the house. These will be one of the final pieces you set up when you arrive in your new home. To cut down on replacements and save money on energy costs, use LED lightbulbs for each lamp. They tend to last several times longer than an incandescent option.

Using Self Storage when Moving –

One thing people never think about is how storage can help when you’re packing before a relocation. The reason for some breakages during this stage is because of clutter. We might find ourselves moving things out of the way to pack boxes and organise. Then we end up lugging furniture and appliances from one to the next to make enough space to do things.

Every time you do this, it increases the possibility of damage occurring and will wear you out. You can solve this problem by renting a self storage unit. This makes it possible to move full containers and things you’re not using out of the home. That means you won’t have to shift things around when you pack, and you can get on with the task at hand.

Storage is the ultimate level of security for your belongings, and you won’t find a safer place than with Instore. We can also load the items from your storage unit on moving day to increase the convenience factor. Our removal and storage services link together seamlessly to create a holistic package. It’s our dedication to performing an all under one roof ethos.

Instore Storage – The Best Advice When Relocating –

Moving to a new home is often thought of as one of the most stressful tasks you can endure, even for people who have done it several times. That’s where a reputable removals and storage company becomes a vital part of making it a success. You’ll be able to delegate tasks to the movers without having to check on them constantly.

And it’s a wise choice to book with one that offers storage and removals packages and can link the two services together. By working with Instore Storage, you’ll receive the best affordable prices and attention to customer service. And because of our credentials and partner companies, you have an assurance of quality.

If you’re organising an upcoming relocation, click here and we’ll assess your requirements and provide you with a free quote.