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The Best Business Self Storage in Dorset

Posted on November 19, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
The Best Business Self Storage in Dorset

There are a few things that most, if not all, businesses need in place so they can operate successfully. You’ll need somewhere to work from unless you’re solely working online. Additionally, it helps to have access to a building or room for your stock and materials. And it’s never bad to have space available for new furniture and possibly employees.

If you couple all these things with a mind for budgeting – you might realise the costs are high to the point where you have to start compromising and reducing your needs. That’s why you should include using self storage in your business’s ongoing plans. You can achieve all these benefits and more – and we’ll use this blog to show you how.


  • The Advantages of Self Storage for SMEs and Entrepreneurs
  • Secure Essential Documents and Create Space with Archive Storage
  • An Offsite Dedicated Stock and Materials Room
  • Storage for When the Office, Factory or Storeroom is Packed
  • No Long-Term Lease or Contract Obligation with Instore
  • Self Storage Offers the Perfect Balance of Security and Access
  • Instore Storage – Dorset’s Favourite Business Storage Company


The Advantages of Self Storage for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

We’ll kick things off by focusing on solopreneurs and small-to-medium businesses to see how they can utilise storage. These types of enterprises tend to have smaller operations, meaning they can get away with fewer square feet of area for operations. But that doesn’t mean they necessarily forgo a dedicated workspace.

While some entrepreneurs can work from home or hot desk, this depends on the concentration levels that suit them. Many people aren’t keen on working from their house or flat because of the distractions and temptation to procrastinate. Others prefer to separate the two for a better work-life balance. This is especially true for anyone who has young children, and the lines between parenting and work blur.

Small and medium businesses might need more security for their stock and equipment. The garage or loft won’t cut because neither wasn’t built to protect from weather conditions or theft. There might be parking and loading issues with a home office or workspace. Luckily, the best choice is to rent self storage where you can reduce interruptions, enjoy better security, and move items in and out.

Secure Essential Documents and Create Space with Archive Storage

Your typical office will contain various pieces of office equipment and furniture. It’s nearly impossible to remove the visual association of the printer and those clunky brown filing cabinets. There is a drive to promote greener offices where printing documents is becoming less prevalent. This will reduce the reliance on paper and related waste issues.

However, some companies have legal requirements to retain physical copies. And to avoid issues with data protection and fraud – they must have the correct levels of retention security. That means a specific person will be responsible for how they’re accessed and for maintenance. Not to mention a system of archival and destruction that might also need legal compliance.

Instore Storage works with several businesses for their document storage needs. This gives them the ultimate level of security for their paper-based files. Furthermore, they’ll free up space in the office and avoid overfull filing cabinets. They can then access the documents when the need arises from your archive document storage unit.

An Offsite Dedicated Stock and Materials Room 

Most businesses will elect to keep their stock on the premises. However, there are various benefits when having an offsite stockroom option. Retail store business owners who work with Instore are able to re-evaluate their current lease. Some will choose a smaller, more expensive commercial rental with more passing traffic. Others can downsize to a more affordable building and use storage for their excess stock.

Similarly, the e-commerce clients we work with keep all their products in self storage but work elsewhere. Then they can work from home, hot desking or co-sharing workspaces. And have a stockroom in a separate location gives them everything they need without the need to rent an office or warehouse at a high cost.

Smaller construction subcontractors tend to store their tools and materials in the garage or work van. We’ll reiterate that both options are unsuitable and often lead to water damage or theft. Renting somewhere at commercial prices is out of the question. That’s why the wiser builders work with Instore and rent a storage unit.

Storage for When the Office, Factory or Storeroom is Packed

Storage isn’t solely for businesses that want to utilise it full-time – some companies experience more seasonal customs. Supermarkets are a good example – they will increase stock levels during Christmas and other holidays. But they may run out of storeroom space and need a quick fix that won’t require them to sign up for recurring services.

Similarly, factories may use more materials for manufacturing their goods in the lead-up to the holiday season. This might exasperate their stockroom and leave less space for production. It’s difficult to impossible to find short-term rentals that are suitable for business stock. They’re rare because most leases are for twelve months or more.

That’s why storage ticks all the boxes and won’t cause contract issues. By working with Instore, you can store for when you need for a time period that suits your business. That means your Christmas or Easter goods increase without becoming another outgoing you’re stuck with after you no longer need it. Once the rush is over, you can stop renting until you need us again.

No Long-Term Lease or Contract Obligation with Instore

One of the biggest obstacles most businesses face is outgoings and trying to keep them in check. Trying to manage them is one thing but reducing them at short notice becomes a strain. Short-term cash flow issues are a common reason why many companies eventually fold. They cannot get enough profit into their bank before bills go out.

That’s why it’s vital to avoid signing up for many contractual agreements wherever possible without affecting their operational standards. It’s improbable you’ll find many or any flexible lease rental properties. And that can mean you’re stuck in your current position or need to consider alternative options, like storage.

By renting a storage unit with Instore, you won’t be subject to a stringent minimum storage contract. There are terms and conditions, but nothing like a commercial rental lease. Effectively, it’s a case of renting a self storage unit until you don’t need it anymore. That means you can enjoy the features of a dedicated workspace without the headaches that often come with renting an office or warehouse.

Self Storage Offers the Perfect Balance of Security and Access

The two aspects that any business needs from storage are added security and decent access capabilities. That’s why old habits are hard to break free from because the access is already there. But security is often severely lacking, not to mention space issues that might also have health and safety implications if objects cause obstructions.

Self storage solves many of the problems business owners and entrepreneurs face in one package. You can safeguard your goods and equipment while freeing up your workspace. And best of all – at a fraction of the cost of commercial rental, making this the affordable, cost-effective choice for your business.

At Instore Storage, we take security seriously, and our branch has full CCTV coverage running around the clock. We use the best security systems that operate throughout our facilities. The only access point always has a staff member in place, so nothing enters or leaves without our permission. You can be assured that your business’s assets are safe and secure with us.

Instore Storage – Dorset’s Favourite Business Storage Company

Every business has different needs, and some will prefer the typical set-up of in-house storage spaces. However, many will be looking at their expenses and wondering where savings can be made. Not only that, reducing their outgoings while retaining the core provisions so they can operate similarly and have storage space.

That’s why hundreds of businesses work with Instore Storage every year in Dorset and the surrounding areas. They know we have the right mix of affordability and vital storage space for their company. It has unbeatable security and flexibility you won’t find with a traditional commercial rental.

Click here, and we’ll happily discuss our Business Storage service in more detail. We can also give you a free, no-pressure quote so you can compare the costs or commercial rent.