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Top Ten Reasons for Using Self Storage in the UK

Posted on December 12, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
Top Ten Reasons for Using Self Storage in the UK

Self storage is a widely used and popular industry in the UK, but it wasn’t always like this. Storage is still a developing business sector in many ways but has innovative applications. As businesses look for new ways to create more space and save money, storage fills their needs. Additionally, the mindset of what makes a home more liveable is going through a transition of its own.

From its early inception in the 1970s, the UK’s storage industry has grown in both size and conception. Today, you’ll find storage facilities in most major cities and towns throughout Britain as you pass industrial estates. We’ll look at some of the ways households and businesses are using and benefiting from Instore Storage‘s various storage units and services.


  • A Brief History of Storage in the UK
  • Top Ten Reasons for Using Storage
  • The Link Between Removals and Storage
  • Businesses Benefits from Storage’s Flexibility
  • Decluttering and Lifestyle Storage Choices
  • A Secure Space for Life’s Transitional Periods
  • Storage as Part of the UK’s Post-Pandemic Reality
  • Instore Storage – Secure Storage for Every Situation

A Brief History of Storage in the UK

When forty-plus people hear the word storage, it probably conjures a mental picture of old boxes and dusty furniture in a damp lock-up garage. And that is what storage was circa 1970 in England. And many of the old garage or shed building storage units exist today, but the storage industry has come a long way since.

In the 1980s, America led the way in a revolution of storage and removals – a link we’ll explore more soon. The UK took note, and with roughly 2,050 storage facilities in the UK presently, the sector is expanding in response to demand. And for those with an interest in stats, the UK comprises 43% of the storage market in Europe, which is a staggering percentage.

As you’ll note after finishing this article, storage’s appeal is increasing because people are thinking outside of the box. Or, in this case, the storage container. Businesses and households want options that give them a secure place to store without stringent leases or contracts. Let’s dive into some common reasons individuals and companies use Instore Storage.

Top Ten Reasons for Using Storage

  1. Downsizing – there’s an inevitable issue when moving to a smaller property. Using storage gives you that breathing space to think about whether you want to keep or get rid.
  2. Moving house – this is probably the number one reason for using storage. Moving to a new house or apartment doesn’t always line up, and there might be delays. No problem – you can store it until you have the new keys.
  3. Transitional stages – when a significant life event occurs, it can result in a transitional process. For bereavement, you’ll need to store your loved one’s possessions until the estate process ends. For divorcees, there’s a likely change of address. Newlyweds might move in together or into their first home.
  4. Excess stock – if you own or manage a store with extra seasonal stock demands, storage covers all bases without needing a long-term contract.
  5. International relocations – moving overseas usually happens in stages. It takes time to integrate and settle in, and it doesn’t always pan out. People use storage to safeguard their belongings during the transition.
  6. Property renovation or redecorating – you’ll need the materials and tools somewhere because outside isn’t a good idea. Storage is, though, for the duration of the development.
  7. Improving outdoor spaces – whether you’re a pro landscaper or have green fingers, you need space to move around. That’s why a self storage unit is the best place for the lawnmower.
  8. Seasonal sports equipment – the likelihood is that you won’t get much golfing or kayaking done in winter. You can let your sports equipment hibernate safely until the weather improves.
  9. E-commerce – if your e-comm start-up or side hustle holds inventory, it’s better to do the fulfilment outside the home. This is especially true for tenants – don’t fall foul of your lease.
  10. Gap Year or University – you might take a gap year before or during your studies. Rather than lug everything back home, stick them in secure storage until you return.

The Link Between Removals and Storage

One driving force for storage’s recent upsurge in popularity is the link with the removals industry. When moving companies saw the potential, many partnered with storage providers. Others went with an in-house option and added storage units to their depot. It was a match made in heaven – everything you could ask for when moving home.

It’s one of the reasons why Instore Storage did things the other way around. We wanted to control both sides of the process and brought a removal service. This allows us to manage and oversee an entire relocation with storage as an add-on. Similarly, we can arrange to collect items for storage, which helps our customers.

While we have always had good working relationships with other removal companies, it made more sense to control each stage. We can problem-solve in real-time without having to liaise with external teams. Furthermore, we can provide a consistent level of service delivery and accountability. This is yet another selling point for storage in Dorset.

Businesses Benefits from Storage’s Flexibility

Another reason storage continues to gain traction is a broader demographic is now renting storage units or rooms. Many years ago, people would use storage when they ran out of space. It was more of an afterthought than a conscious decision. And many people would store furniture for months and years, gathering dust.

However, change was inevitable, and it wasn’t long until the business world saw the potential of using storage. Instead of the constant headache of shifting excess stock around to make space for new goods. For companies with season increases, there was a need for a short-term solution with less commitment. Now, they can use self storage for Christmas and other holidays without having to do so when the demand ebbs away.

E-commerce and self storage are the ideal pair, allowing stores and online entrepreneurs to enjoy a dedicated workspace. The ease of access and unlimited visits during business hours means you have everything necessary for a functioning e-commerce enterprise. Instore’s facilities are designed for quick loading and unpacking, and you don’t find better security measures.

Decluttering and Lifestyle Storage Choices

Now we’ll look at the domestic storage evolution and how it can benefit everyone. In yesteryears, people would dump everything in the shed or garage when they ran out of space. The loft and spare room become a sort of indoor tip where bundles of cables and damp cardboard boxes rule the roost. And things can quickly get out of hand, especially for those who keep things they might use later. We all know one or two people who fit this description, especially if it’s you!

That’s why many turn to storage when they finally reach the limit of shifting things around. The best way to organise is to declutter and keep items in self storage. You can then fetch what you need conveniently and put it back again. Many Instore Storage customers consider their storage unit an extension of their home.

Moreover, people are less likely to keep things they don’t use. You’ll soon think twice about keeping those coils of unused electrical wires when you need to pay to store them. Storage is now a lifestyle choice where people want a better quality of life and living spaces without clutter. And for those who with hobbies, you can store your equipment when not in use.

A Secure Space for Life’s Transitional Periods

Life can be unpredictable, and we will all deal with uncertainty at some point along our journey. These are transitional periods where we process changes, sometimes involving a change of address. This can be through marrying, starting a family, or moving to your first home. And difficult transitions like divorce and bereavement are amongst the hardest to deal with.

The underlining point here is you’ll always need some form of storage. Ideally, you’ll have space at home to deal with the everyday stuff. But the nature of transition means you might not have a permanent solution. That’s why self storage is a vital part of your processing and moving on while you have somewhere practical to store items.

There’s nothing worse than worrying about where your belongings will go if there’s a lot of emotional turbulence. Luckily, you can contact Instore Storage and hand over the burden to us. We can arrange to collect your possessions in one of our removal vans to save you the trip and heavy lifting. Then we’ll match you with a suitable storage package for your needs and budget.

Storage as Part of the UK’s Post-Pandemic Reality

The pandemic brought about a massive surge in storage use. People were moving temporarily before the initial lockdown from urban to rural areas. Then many would eventually make this permanent when the reality of living in a confined space was apparent. It was tough for city-dwellers with no or a small outdoor area for mental and physical health.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t always possible to haul everything with them during these location changes. That’s why self storage becomes vital in negotiating the issues the lockdowns brought about. You don’t need a permanent address if you’re sorting with life stuff or work relocation. Storage will keep everything safe and secure while you figure things out.

Now, people are using self storage differently. Some see it as part of a lifestyle shift where they keep their living spaces open and fluid. They then move items, not in use to their home away from home – the storage unit. After creating an inventory, they carry items in or out when they need to.

Another significant shift in storage uptake is renovation and redecorating. The lockdowns were instructive in how to interact with our homes. Many of us realised shortcomings and had more time to make changes. Storage is the ideal place to store furniture to get them out of the way and keep decorating and building materials and equipment safe.

Instore Storage – Secure Storage for Every Situation

Self storage is an industry that goes from strength to strength, and we predict this will continue to grow. It’s easy to see why – there are so many different situations where storage acts as a problem solver. Businesses can save money and enjoy more flexibility, helping solopreneurs have a dedicated place to retain stock. Households can organise and reduce clutter, making their homes more comfortable.

Storage fits into the new ethos of tailoring things to suit us, not the other way around. We don’t need more restrictions – most want more choices and fewer limitations to how we work and live. That’s where storage gives you that safety net. You can let us keep your possessions secure while you do your thing. And when you rent a storage unit from us, you’ll have more options at affordable rates.

Click here, and we’ll assess your storage requirements in full. We’ll suggest the most suitable storage package, including a free, no-hassle quote. Come and join the self storage revolution.