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Top Tips for Organising Your Home this Summer

Posted on May 10, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Top Tips for Organising Your Home this Summer

You might be familiar with the phrase when someone plans on doing a ‘spring clean’ – but it’s something to apply to every new season. It could be even more relevant, now restrictions are easing, and entertaining house guests might be possible soon. Our advice is to be optimistic and celebrate by donning your marigolds and giving your home a top-to-bottom clean.

If there’s one thing most people try to avoid, it’s decluttering. That’s because it’s a bit of a chore, especially if you’re prone to putting things off. Fear not – Instore Storage is here to ease the pain and help you organise your home before the nice weather arrives. And storage is the ideal service to make this a straightforward task.

Organise Your Dorset Home with Storage –

After a year of lockdowns and disappointments, everyone is hoping for good news to look forward to. If things continue like there are, there’s every chance we can have an enjoyable summer. With the announcement of a gradual opening of air travel, we might even see international borders open soon as well. But at the very least, it’s possible to have a holiday at home in nicer weather.

This brings about a new thing to consider – you’ll need more space and some organisation. And there’s no better solution than using self storage. It’s all part of a simple strategy for bringing your home up to scratch for potential guests. It’s also ideal for garden furniture, sports equipment, and any hangers-on in the garage or loft.

Out of sight and out of mind, as you work towards a clutter-free home and outdoor areas. We’ll help you create an inventory to make sure you know what and where your belongings are. This means you’ll know exactly what’s in your unit, should you need to find it. You can then visit our branch anytime during business hours to retrieve it with minimal fuss.

The Benefits of Self Storage for Households –

A self storage unit can be like an extension of your house, which is how many of our customers perceive it. Except for the part where cramming things you don’t use, and we’re going to cover decluttering in the next section. But it worth setting this concept up now – it’s time for better habits to avoid repeating past mistakes.

The main benefit of using storage is the additional space it creates. Your home should be liveable, not a dumping ground that takes up several rooms full of things. Storage can open up your house or apartment for better uses than you’re doing now. There’s an opportunity to reclaim the garage and spare room.

Just think of better ways to utilise the rooms, especially if your plans involve renovations or upgrades. You can convert the loft into a new bedroom, likely increasing your home’s value and being a useful addition. Many people choose to adapt their garage to include a utility area where they can move the fridge-freezer, the washing machine and tumble dryer. Then there’s the spare room, and you can return it to its former glory, as it was intended.

Top Decluttering Tips and Tricks –

One thing a lot of us are slightly guilty of is putting this off until the next day. That’s why it’s crucial you set a timeline and stick to it, and deadlines work for a reason. Sometimes charging into a tedious task makes things seem more manageable, but you might find work and family duties get in the way. For this reason, we’re suggesting you spread the workload over a month.

Schedule regular decluttering on a visible rota and make sure everyone pitches in. Doing this once every blue moon won’t solve anything. And start to think about when items enter your home. You might think about avoiding single-use plastics and only buy products with less packaging or consider eco-friendly alternatives.

Assign some cutter-free zones, prioritising the worst offenders where things are already problem areas. It’s also necessary to recycle and repurpose wherever you can – more on that next. Essentially, you need to make a system that works for you and keep doing it. To go one step further, create a compost bin where you can put organic leftovers.

Recycle and Repurpose to Avoid Waste –

If you have concerns about any waste increasing while decluttering, there are ways of doing things in an environmentally sound manner. If you feel something is in good enough condition, then there are lots of places that will accept donations. Some upcycle collectives will repurpose things like furniture to sell at a modest price. And this helps people from low-income families buy affordable items.

You can also look into ways of repurposing things to use in your home and garden. Plastic product containers make excellent storage pots and last as long as Tupperware. And things like wooden crates make unique garden furniture if you’re willing to do the work yourself. Alternatively, if you have any pallets, there will be plenty of people and local businesses willing to take them off your hands.

Dorset has lots of recycling points in places all around the county; you’ll usually find them outside supermarkets. You can check out this link to see the closest one to you. There are council initiatives that make it possible to recycle at least 50% of your waste. You can read up on Dorset’s local provisions and schemes for recycling here.

Wherever possible, we should try to reduce the volume of general waste we create. That means separating glass, cardboard, and plastics for recycling. Additionally, you might also consider composting to help further increase your drive to reduce waste and fertilise your garden.

Create a Home Inventory List –

This one might seem out of place, and we usually save this tip for our removal clients. Downloading and using a home inventory app is the best way of logging your possessions. Why would this matter for people who are organising their home? You’ll have a comprehensive list of your belongings that is ideal for preparing for storage for a start. You can also send it to your insurance broker.

Here’s a list of the five best home inventory apps on the market, most are free or cheap to download:

Magic Home Inventory – You’ll be able to organise your home inventory across several properties and break down each separate inventory by room, listing each item’s location along with a description and photo.

MyStuff – You can store an incredible amount of information for each item you save in this inventory. Rather than slog through entering the product information, it’s possible to scan its barcode to initiate an entry.

Nest Egg – This app is the ultimate choice for individual data. You can take detailed photos per item, including its barcode, purchase date, expiry date (if applicable), and return purchase dates for new products.

Sortly – If you want a home inventory app that covers all bases, Sortly is for you. This app regularly features on the best app lists and is free for iOS and Android devices. Sortly takes organisation to the next level. You can create several main folders with multiple subsections.

No Vehicle? No Problem with a Man & Van Service –

Not everyone has access to a suitable vehicle to move everything to a storage unit, and it isn’t easy to squeeze everything into a car. Hiring a van can be costly, especially if you don’t get everything done on time. This leads to renting the vehicle for another day, not to mention you’ll be doing a lot of lifting and doing it all yourself.

Instore Storage offers removals packages as part of our range of services. Our customers can book everything they need without having to use more than one company. We have vans of every size to collect all your possessions and transport them to one of our storage units. It’s simple, and you won’t have to put in much effort. We’ll do all the work for you, and we can help create an inventory of your belongings.

Whether you need a storage service or you’re moving to a new home, we have the right package for your requirements. We assess everything in detail before providing you with a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll never receive additional charges or hidden fees when you book with Instore. Everything we do is honest and transparent, and we’ll always suggest the most cost-effective, efficient service possible.

Instore Storage – Organise Your Home and Prepare for Summer in Dorset –

There’s no way of making decluttering sound like anything other than a chore. However, the effect it will have on your house is worth the effort. And if you keep on top of things, it’s much easier to maintain if you do monthly cleaning. You can take back control of several rooms and put them to better use, for things like a room conversion or a utility area.

Instore Storage has packages to suit everyone’s situation, and we work with households and businesses from all over Dorset. In addition to storage, our removals packages help people and companies relocate. If any services aren’t in our range, we’ll gladly provide you with a professional referral to one of the many clients and associates we know.

If you need to organise your home before the summer arrives, please contact us today. We’ll discuss how self storage helps you create more space and get everything in order, ready in time for the longer daylight hours and warmer weather.