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Top Tips for Storing Household Goods in a Garage

Posted on December 18, 2021 by Henry
Top Tips for Storing Household Goods in a Garage

It’s that time of year where we start thinking about organising our homes and getting ready to enjoy the holidays. You might want to do it before Christmas Day’s events or plan that New Year’s resolution early. Whatever your reasons, you’ll need to have a plan ready and stick to it, with a view of fitting it all in. And we believe that storage is the key to making it a successful endeavour.

Storing away your everyday household goods could be the result of many different situations. It might be because you want to declutter your home, redecorate a room or because your kids have moved out. Whatever it may be, Instore Storage has the advice to hand. You’ll have a range of storage options to choose from – all ending with a lovely, tidy house or flat that you can take forward into 2022.

A Guide to Better Household Storage –

Let’s go through a few things you’ll gain from reading this blog and some unhelpful points that you won’t. The first thing you’ll know is the best kind of boxes to use for storage purposes. Also, the pros and cons of each choice to make an informed decision. We’ll also highlight some pitfalls to avoid, leading to the best practices for protecting your possessions.

Secondly, we’ll note the health and safety side of things to make sure you’re aware of them. Additionally, we’ll discuss whether you’re using your garage space in the best way to do this. For situations when you’re not, we’ll suggest using self storage, and we know a thing or two about this subject. And we’ll go through the benefits of this service, so you can see if it aligns with your budget and requirements.

The main thing you won’t see in this blog is a one-sided opinion because we don’t think bias helps people. We believe in giving our followers various choices to see what fits best for their needs. There’s no right or wrong answer – just the one that suits you and your situation. Let’s start with what type of boxes or containers work best when storing.

Choosing the Right Container –

You’ll have to decide what type of box or container you’ll use when packing up and preparing things for storage. Cardboard boxes are cheaper, easier to hold, and more straightforward to carry. If you go to your local storage store, they will be durable, have handles, and you can pretty much stack them wherever you choose.

Yet, the downsides of cardboard might outdo the pros. They are susceptible to heat and humidity and break down quickly. Thus, as a long-term option, your items could end up ruined, and mildew or mould will start growing in the box. If you choose this material, it’s crucial that you don’t use second-hand freebies from the corner shop or supermarket because they’ll likely be damp.

This leaves plastic containers as probably the best option for long-term storage. Yes, they cost a little more, but they will save your items from moths and mould. Plus, it’s possible to get a deal if you look at Amazon or a nearby provider. You can also find eco-friendly options to ensure that you’re doing your part and using recycled materials.

Clean Your Garage and Organise Your Space –

Any garage is often the go-to place to store all your unwanted stuff. So, when it comes to moving your belongings out of your home and into your garage, you might find that it is already full. In fact, people rarely keep their cars in the garage anymore because they’re typically the de facto dumping spot for the items you’re clueless about storing elsewhere.

Cleaning your garage is a great way to get rid of any rubbish, unused or unwanted items that have just been lying around. Once the garage, or the space in the room, is clean, you might find that you can store much more than you originally thought, which can always be a bonus. Or it might be possible to utilise the room for something more practical, like a dedicated area for the washing machine.

Our main point here is that your garage isn’t a storage unit, and it comes with a few cons when using it as such. It’s unlikely that there’s much insulation in your garage and the structure itself tends to leave gaps. That’s how dampness creeps in, which can introduce the ideal conditions for mould to set in. Don’t take the risk – use self storage instead and protect your possessions from the elements.

Avoid Hazardous Areas –

So, let’s begin by reminding you about some important health and safety issues that can occur when you store items in your garage. Or anywhere else in the home, for that matter. Avoid covering up drains with boxes and objects because this will lead to various problems. One might be blocking a surge in water that will flood your garage. It will help if you avoid any blocks on drainage.

Here’s one that most people won’t readily think about. You should keep access to fuse boxes or ventilation systems clear. You never know when you’ll need to access the electricals, especially during an emergency or power outage. If there are things in the way, it might cause injury. Plus, you’ll never see any issues with either system if you block the view.

Finally, don’t forget to make space for doorways to enable movement in and out of the garage. When sorting through boxes, you might be surprised at how many people slip and hurt themselves every year. If you’re unable to get out of the room quickly, it might create a big issue. There’s a common thread here: never block anything with objects.

Stacking and Storing –

The first thing to do is make sure your cardboard or plastic boxes are correctly labelled. This can make it a lot easier to find your precious belongings. When stacking shelves, create an order – items frequently used should be stored towards the front – stored at eye level – large and heavy boxes should be held at the bottom – things rarely used stored at the top – try to avoid storing goods directly on the floor.

If you want to store anything valuable, make sure you keep everything in a secure and lockable cabinet. However, if you have cleaned your garage and found that you have even less space than you thought – because you wanted to keep everything in it – why not use an Instore Storage unit as an alternative? We make it so easy for you.

By using self storage, you’ll open up a massive amount of space at home. You can then return your garage to its original purpose by storing the cars inside. We already discussed using it as a utility room, but it’s also possible to convert this into a game’s room or a new bedroom. It’s worth noting that you should always run your ideas with an estate agent to make sure it doesn’t reduce the value of your home.

Book in Regular Clean-Ups –

Whether you choose to keep everything in the garage or use storage, this rule applies to both scenarios. After you organise your home, it’s time to maintain your house or apartment’s upkeep regularly. You don’t want to slip back into bad habits and end up in the same position within the space of six months.

That’s why you should save a date in your diary or calendar every month or two for a quick spruce up. This will avoid the need for a complete decluttering exercise, and we know how much they drive people around the bend. You can then keep on top of things and avoid becoming a painful chore when it goes awry.

You can also catalogue your belongings with a home inventory. This will help you when it’s time to find out where you put the Christmas tree and lights. You can go with a traditional pen and paper or an Excel document. Our suggestion is to download a free or cheap app for your phone and go digital. It’s then possible to list and save every item with their location and photos.

Instore Storage – Keeping Your Home Organised –

There are plenty of ways to keep your home in order and prepare things in time for the festive season as well. It’s more about having a willingness to do the gritty work. Then it will be best if you commit to regular upkeep to avoid regressing into bad habits. With a few adjustments, it’s possible to organise your home and maintain it that way.

When the garage is too full, you’ll always have self storage as an alternative option. Instore Storage works with hundreds of people who declutter and organise each year in Dorset. You’ll have various storage options to choose from, so there’s bound to be the ideal match for your circumstances. And there’s no minimum storage contract to worry about – it’s a store on your terms deal.

To help organise your home in time for Christmas and New Year, click here, and we’ll provide you with a full assessment and free quote.