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Using Storage to Manage Your Holiday Rental Business in Dorset

Posted on June 14, 2021 by Peter Donaldson
Using Storage to Manage Your Holiday Rental Business in Dorset

Dorset is a beautiful county, and tourism plays a crucial role in our economy, with tens of thousands of visitors arriving every year. That’s why the holiday rental business industry is popular and continues to attract new business owners. Guests have more say in what type of place they rent out instead of using hotels and B&Bs. But is there an affordable way to organise everything to make things more efficient?

The direct response to this is a yes, and you can realise with by renting a self storage unit from Instore Storage. It’s much more than somewhere to store things and lock them up until you need them. In this article, we’ll go into detail on the benefits of using storage and linking with a removals package. We’ll also include some practical tips on how to start and run a successful holiday rental business.

Self Storage for Local Vacation Rental Businesses –

A few things can make life easier for people working in the local tourism industry in Dorset. One of them is storage space offsite from the rental properties because of the additional room it creates. The ability to move furniture in and out without any fuss makes it easier to run a vacation business. And it’s possible to base your operations out of a storage unit rather than renting a workspace.

Having a dedicated place to work from is handy, but the only problem is most of these things cost too much. Renting or owning somewhere for the purpose of storing furniture and appliances adds to the overall expense list. If anything, that’s the last thing we’re suggesting, and this is an exercise we’re accrediting to a lean budget mindset.

So, is it really possible to group these things? By renting a self storage unit, you can achieve them all. We’ll break down some of the various moving parts of this strategy, giving you a better idea of how it can improve efficiency as well. And most importantly – it’s an affordable process that encourages more small enterprises to see if they can apply it.

Setting Up a Holiday Rental Company –

For anyone who’s thinking of entering into the holiday rental sector, this one’s something you should pay particular attention to. However, it’s just as relevant to people who are currently running a business. After all, the best way to enact meaningful change is to go back to the beginning and look at things from a new perspective. By doing this, you can reset your course and finetune things to improve things like efficiency.

A problem a lot of companies encounter is a lack of storage space, and it can but a tough slog if you don’t have any available. And the truth for most business owners who face this is a dedicated building is another monthly outgoing that’s financially out of reach. This can limit their ability to get things done on time. If something breaks, it could mean downtime and gaps in paying guests.

By having a storage unit you can use as a workspace, you’ll have the freedom to move things around without delay. And it’s simple enough to split a unit into a couple of sections—one to store furniture and the second for your materials and tools. Then you can freely store and move things in and out of your properties.

Linking a Storage and Removal Service –

This one sometimes causes more than a few headaches when trying to move furniture and similar bulky objects in and out of your rental properties. Finding a suitably large enough van is tricky and purchasing one for this purpose is an upfront cost that doesn’t make sense. Renting one isn’t always that cheap, plus you’re doing the heavy lifting work.

That’s where a storage company with removals becomes an essential part of how to approach your collections and deliveries. And Instore Storage offers both as part of our core services. We link them together to form an unbeatable package that will cover everything you could hope for in a vehicle and workspace. Additionally, you won’t need to shop around for more than one service provider.

Our team will assist with packing duties, including a full inventory of the items for any collection or delivery. It’s the only way to be sure all your items are handled with care and professional attention. We’ll get the job done on time and with no effort on your part. Our team will contact you with progress for all collections and deliveries as we make them, unlike courier companies.

Smart Locks and the End of Stringent Check-Ins –

If you speak to anyone who travels and uses hotels and guesthouses, they’ll often mention checking in times. It’s almost the annoying hindrance everyone readily accepts as part of the process. But what if there was some way of phasing this out and taking advantage of it as a unique selling point for your holiday rental property?

Luckily, it’s already a prominent feature for Airbnb hosts who are in the know and utilise it to their advantage. Smart locks are the future for holiday rental businesses that could make the practice of waiting to check in a thing of the past. You no longer have to be there to greet the guests at an exact time. A smart lock gives them a code that works for the duration of their stay and expires after it concludes.

As long as the room or house is ready for your guests, they can check themselves in and start their trip. You can catch up with them later on or the next day when you’re both free. It makes life easier for you and will certainly endear you to guests. You’ll also retain the same level of security because the specific code ends automatically when their stay is over.

Hiring an Airbnb Management Expert –

In this section, we’ll go through the possibility of you outsourcing the management of your rental property. For some people, the idea of being a landlord gives them an uncomfortable feeling. It takes a certain personality to deal with maintenance and people, especially if there are issues. That’s what puts them off hosting, and they lose some additional earning potential.

As always, we have a solution and alternative way to view this. Hiring someone to manage your home for guests is possible. It’s a cost you’ll need to account for and factor into your expenses, but there are lots of benefits. You’ll be able to delegate the day-to-day running of your business while you’re free to undertake other tasks or just have a passive income venture.

This option is convenient for anyone with multiple properties and has a limited amount of time. You’ll take on the role of overseeing while they’re on the ground, doing the hard work. If you’re currently working with one property, this also opens up the potential to take on more. And a professional rental manager can provide you with a consistently high standard for your guests.

Maintain a Budget Without Compromising Quality –

The truth is that, like most business sectors, the holiday rental industry is more challenging than people expect before they enter into it. Some costs sneak in, and you’re soon facing hefty monthly expenses. And by trying to keep things in-house, you think it’s a saving, but it ends up costing more in the long run. Typically, this happens when you don’t realise the value of your time and end up run around trying to do everything.

Storage is cheaper than any rental property per square metre, and it gives you more room to play with and dedicated storage space. You can fix furniture and have spare items ready to move in straight away, removing any downtime and possible gaps in paying guests. It’s also incredibly handy for people with two or more rentals to have somewhere to keep everything.

Even for those with a single holiday vacation house or apartment, it’s vital to use some form of storage provision outside the property. People who use Airbnb often rent out their second home when they’re not there to avoid having an empty building. They can use their storage unit and swap specific furniture and appliances for their guests to use. Then they’ll return their own things when the guests leave.

Instore Storage – Your Holiday Rental Partner Company –

It’s a tricky path to tread but working in the holiday rental industry can be a rewarding career. There are several options for anyone who’s thinking of doing it, and many people do this on the side to avoid leaving their home vacant. When you get into the details, there might even be an opportunity to increase your rental portfolio as you progress. And you’ll need a reliable partner company to work with.

Instore Storage works with several sole proprietors and businesses in this sector as regular clients. Storage forms a vital cog in their operational process. Additionally, removals give them affordable collections and deliveries service that’s all under one roof. You won’t have to use multiple service providers when you work with us.

Increase your earning potential by using self storage and removals for your holiday rental business. Click here to request more information on our range of services.