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Using Storage to Start Good Habits for 2020

Posted on January 2, 2020 by Peter Donaldson
Using Storage to Start Good Habits for 2020

Now that we’re heading for the closing chapter of 2019, it’s that time we’re people start to think about what their New Year’s resolutions will be. Whether it’s exercise more, learn a new language or change your career, we find that ending the year with aspirational goals can set the tone for 2020. Why not use this to start a good habit by organising your home with storage?

How to Start Good Habits That You Can Stick with in 2020 –

One of the main issues with New Year’s resolutions is they often fall by the wayside. And by the time March arrives, we’ve often long forgotten about them. This isn’t because the resolutions were pointless or we’re too lazy to keep them going. Most often it’s because we lead busy lives and trying to force in new tasks or routines doesn’t always work out.

Forming a good habit might sound difficult in this context, but there is a more manageable way to try this. It’s said that repetition is a sure-fire way to make something habitual. So, if you take your New Year resolution and complete it every day for ninety days, it will be easier to continue going forward. For most things, this is the number of days it takes to form a habit, which means if you want a more organised house, you should set a daily routine.

One of the foundations of an organised house or apartment is decluttering, which is something most of us do when things get out of hand. Although decluttering doesn’t always have to be a massive chore, you do once a year. Try and get into a daily habit of cleaning up and do weekly recycling runs. You can also look into greener ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle.

Tips on Organising Your Home by Using Storage –

You’ll find it challenging to maintain your new routine if you limit your living spaces with furniture, appliances and boxes. That’s why storage represents the best way to organise your home sustainably. You can move any boxes and items out of the garage and loft completely, which will create lots more room to manoeuvre.

The best way to consider the potential benefits of renting a self storage unit is to visualise the additional space you’re making. What could you do with it? Maybe you’d like to reclaim the garage and use as utility room? Or there’s the possibility of converting the loft into a new bedroom? It might even be something simple like keeping the car inside the garage or making it easier to find things in the attic.

InStore offers affordable storage and self storage in Dorset. There’s no lease or minimum period to worry about – you can store for as long as you need to. And should you find you need a different size unit, no problem. We can change you to another storage unit if your circumstances change. We guarantee that you’ll start to realise the benefits of using storage when it comes to organising your home within a week.

Instore Storage – Dorset’s Favourite Storage Company –

At InStore, we work with hundreds of domestic customers every year, many who use storage to organise their homes. However, even though they all share this goal, it doesn’t mean their specifications are the same. For us, it’s all about being able to assess and work with people on an individual basis so we can provide them with the correct storage package for their needs.

Our range of storage options makes it possible to cater to a variety of people and businesses in Dorset. And it’s our mission to make sure we have the right packages to cover various scenarios. Moreover, should your needs change, we’ll happily upgrade you to a different size unit. Or, if you require more regular access, it’s possible to change your container unit for a self storage one.

If your New Year’s resolution is to take back control of your home, we have the right storage service for you. Contact us today, and we’ll assess your storage requirements to help you organise your house or apartment for 2020.