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What’s the Difference Between Self Storage and Container Storage?

Posted on February 21, 2022 by Peter Donaldson
What’s the Difference Between Self Storage and Container Storage?

Storage is an excellent way to keep your possessions or work items safe without causing you to make any expensive security upgrades. And fortunately for people in Dorset, Instore has the best storage options on offer in the county and surrounding areas. But how do you know which option is better for you? And what’s the difference between self storage and container storage?

Two factors tend to separate both services – how long you plan on using storage and how often you need access to your possessions. We’ll discuss what this means in more detail in this blog, including some hands-on examples. You’ll then have a better understanding of the pros and cons of each package.

Choose the Right Storage for Your Needs – 

Before we jump into each package – we’ll go over some background information about storage and the benefits of using these services. The first is to quell any unrest this might cause when discussing choosing the right storage package. Fear not, Instore Storage has a wealth of experience to tap into. We know how to line people and businesses up with the correct services, so you don’t have to know this now.

This happens during the assessment stage, where we rigorously go through your circumstances with a targeted questionnaire. We’ll guide you through criteria questions and evaluate your situation thoroughly. From there, we can put together an accurate quote that includes all the costs and fees. And this consists of a suggestion for the most suitable storage package, and you’ll never receive any hidden charges later.

You won’t have to figure this out yourself, so don’t worry about that. Our team will go over the details of each package to ensure you know what they entail and whether they’re the right fit. Then we’ll determine the best course of action next and advise how you should approach it. Let’s look at the ins and outs of self storage.

Is Self Storage the Right Choice for Me?

This is a tricky question because we all have different storage needs. The area we tend to cover first is what sort of access requirements you will have and how long you want to store for. We will recommend our self storage service for people or businesses who need regular access. That’s because you can access your unit as much as you need to during our business hours.

Additionally, some people might need storage for a more temporary period, which suits the self storage package more. And it’s also possible to upgrade or downsize your storage unit’s size if your circumstances change. Instore is all about flexibility, and we will work with you to try and accommodate any amendments to your storage package.

Self storage is also an innovative option for small businesses and start-up enterprises in Dorset. It’s possible to use a storage unit to run a company which is a growing trend in the start-up and SME business world. That’s because storage units are much cheaper than renting a commercial space. And you don’t have a long lease to worry about.

The Pros and Cons of Container Storage –

One of the benefits of using container storage units is the cost. It’s a more affordable storage option, with prices starting at as little as £14 per week. You won’t find storage rates lower than this, and you’ll always get a superior level of customer service at Instore. But it’s not just the affordable pricing that makes this a stellar storage package.

You can fit a surprising number of items into your container storage unit. With some smart placement, it’s possible to store an apartment’s worth of appliances and furniture into these units. Instore has various storage unit sizes available to choose from, providing you with more choices. And this is what puts us in the pole position in our industry – more options equal better customer service.

The only drawback when considering container storage is the access or lack thereof. Due to the nature of this service, the units are sealed and often stacked on top of each other. The consequence of this is a limitation on how often you can access your storage unit. And additional charges might apply for accessing several times within a specific period.

How Storage Works when Moving Home – 

While it’s not a regular occurrence, long-distance relocations don’t always work out the way we intend. International moves have the heightened risk of issues arising, such as struggling to integrate, language barriers, and homesickness. That’s why many people choose to leave some possessions back home. In the event things don’t work out, they have items in place to restart life. We would suggest container storage for this purpose.

Then you have emergency situations where you need storage asap. A couple of examples would be delays when moving into a new house or last-minute relocations due to an emergency. Both might leave you without somewhere to store your belongings. Rather than frantically phoning everyone in your contact list, you can phone us. Self storage would be the solution, and we can accept emergency jobs.

While you pack for your upcoming relocation, your home will become a landing site for boxes. You can solve this by moving each full box or container out into a storage unit. You’ll have space in your house to move around, and everything you store will be completely safe and secure. Then we can load straight from the unit on moving day to save you time and effort because we’ll oversee everything.

Preparing Your Possessions Before Storage – 

Self and container storage are excellent choices, regardless of how long you plan to store your possessions. However, it’s crucial that you prepare things before they go into storage to eliminate any issues. That means no damp clothing or other conditions that invite mould and mildew to occur. Here are some of our best tips for preparing your items before storage:

Source new storage boxes or containers. Don’t try and use boxes you get from the corner shop or supermarket. You can buy industry-level supplies from Amazon or contact us, and we’ll make an industry referral. Durable plastic containers are an excellent way to safeguard your possessions.

Correctly pack and handle fragile pieces. Much like moving, you need to treat fragile objects with additional care. Every box should have lots of extra padding and packaging, and correct labelling for the outside of the box is a good idea.

Clean all appliances and furniture thoroughly. Any mould you bring in can spread to other items, which can damage fabrics. Also, remember to leave appliance doors slightly open and wrap cords.

Vacuum seal clothes and fabrics. If you keep clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.

To make a separate point very clear – you should avoid packing things into plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for our old enemy mould and mildew to set in.

Where Quality and Customer Service Meet – 

We all love good value for money, and bargains are alluring, even to the ‘savvier’ amongst us. But we must look past the low hanging fruit of discounts to see the actual value when using any service provider, not just for storage or removals. If you’re moving home, you don’t want to go with a removal company that’s cheap but ends up breaking things due to carelessness. This often happens due to poor service delivery and a lack of customer care.

Don’t fall into this position when it’s avoidable, and you should realise the same situations are relevant to storage. Look at Google and Trustpilot to gauge quality expectations against the most likely outcome. You’ll be able to do this by seeing their overall score out of five and by reading reviews from previous customers. Then balance the two factors together to see which provider meets them both evenly.

It’s vital you pay attention to a company’s customer service, and by using this method, you can pre-empt this. You’ll enjoy a storage or relocation experience without unnecessary issues because the company cares about their clients. Instore Storage has a suitable range of services to cover every scenario, and it’s all under one roof.

Instore Storage – We Provide the Best in Container and Self Storage in Dorset –

At Instore Storage, we work with hundreds of domestic and business customers every month in Dorset, catering for just about every storage situation you can think of. Moreover, we have happy clients that refer us to family, friends, and colleagues due to our high customer service standards.

At Instore, we only suggest storage packages that represent value for money. This is about providing you with the correct service, which is why we will assess your needs in detail. Then, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote detailing the storage specifications and total costs. You’ll never receive unexpected fees or other charges with us.

If you’re considering using storage in Dorset but are unsure what the best option is, please contact us today. We’ll discuss your requirements and suggest the best option for you.